Riding the wave

“It is my greatest pleasure to imagine a wave of energy released…, streaming through the world, rushing poignantly from the needles of women and men of excellence paying homage to the old and mighty idea of challenge elevating the human spirit.”
The Yarn Harlot

Nearly six inches in, and I’m having a blast. There’s work tomorrow, and a nor’easter to prepare for, so I’ll put the needles down for tonight.

8 thoughts on “Riding the wave

  1. Great photo and the colors of your yarn are lovely! I missed the opening ceremony and listened to NPR instead. One caller was complaining about how the coverage of the games was all over the place and I groaned. Because, like the caller, I remember when they would focus on one game and let you watch the event in its entirety. I wasn’t knitting back then, but that would’ve made for some really good knitting time.Good luck, I’ll be cheering you on!Kerstin


  2. I can tell I am going to love this sweater – the colors come together so perfectly. If I love it so much and decide to make something from the same colorway is that being a copycat or just recognizing something beautiful made with skill. But it wouldn’t be the same sweater – not up to sweater skills yet — maybe a shawl or something.I don’t think you are going to have any trouble finishing this in the time alloted. And if we get snowed in you get some quality knitting time on Sun. and Monday. :Drho


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