Deep, snowy thoughts

Snow? Blizzard, even? Up to twenty-four inches? Who cares? I’ve got my knittin’.

I’m on the way to finishing the left side of the cardigan, and it’s good, easy knitting that holds my interest. I don’t want to jinx myself here, but I think I’ll be able to finish it in plenty of time. I’m getting gauge, the pattern makes complete sense, and there have been no surprises so far. I’m switching between balls of yarn every four rows to prevent any kind of pooling, but that’s just because I’m paranoid. I don’t want to put the finished sweater on and discover any unfortunately-located blobs of bright pink. I have to remember to do the button search, because buttons count as part of the project and I can’t leave them till the very end.

So what am I learning here? A few very interesting things about myself. I flit from project to project, impulsively and sometimes randomly. I think I get a lot less satisfaction from my knitting than I would if I planned and knit and finished a little more often. Spontaneous knitting is good, but too much of mine ends up in a pile, unloved and unwearable.

This project, on the other hand, feels really good. I am pleased that I planned it as carefully as I did (I swatched and everything!). I’m happy that I finally found a pattern that suits the beautiful yarn. That wonderful knitting rhythm — you know, the one that’s like breathing, that you hope you’ll achieve every time you pick up the needles? — it’s happening, it’s here in this sweater, and I’m here, too. Knitting away, knitting along with four thousand knitters who just might be in this same groove, and who are just as determined as I am to meet their Olympic Challenge, whatever it might be.

6 thoughts on “Deep, snowy thoughts

  1. It looks lovely (and snowy!) so far.I had a similar realization – hmm, if I planned all my projects this well, maybe my knitting would go a lot better!


  2. That rhythm that’s like breathing -I used to get that when I rode – do you think it’s because of all the preparation? It would happen to me on horseback after lots of practice on a course and then suddenly, a time would come when I couldn’t tell where the horse ended and I began. It was lovely. I had some of that last night while knitting THE PONCHO – I think possibly because last night was one of the few times I was able to knit uninterupted for hours. You know that doesn’t happen often here. And I don’t often make time for it, either – always something else that must be done. The OK2006 has been very good for me – makes me realize I can make it happen – J


  3. Way cool that you are loving your O.K. project. Which Knitting Pure & Simple pattern are you using? The photo of the pattern looked to be a K P & S one.I had a problem w/the comments for the blog post today – can you re-do yours please?And yes to the Knitting ADD & flitting from here to there & how that feels in the moment & after it too – well said.Stay warm & dry.XOXO


  4. I just put some task meters on my blog for a similar reason. I’ve recently become so excited by so many things that I don’t succeed in any of them. I’m hoping that forcing organization on myself will help me whittle down the pile so that I can be faithfully productive. You were very correct when you said the problem with knitting is you can’t use it till it’s done!


  5. I am floating in a lilac colored egg fog…..but I am finding that whole project problem with me too latelywhich isn’t like meI normally have one thing going at a time…. ( and the socks, but I don’t count socks….. they are like potatoe chips in a way….you can’t stop with them)now I got a few more…. chicken hats…..two scarfs….and latvian mittens as well as socksAMIE rubbed off on me???hahahahabtw, the chickens started to lay todaymark the calendervi


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