Field trip, anyone?

Want to join me? I’m going on a Knitblogger’s Field Trip tomorrow. Becky at Knitting Interrupted had the idea — on Sunday morning, March 5th, take a picture of your back yard (or find an old view that you like) and post it on your blog. Easy, no? Click on Becky’s link for the full story. It will be fun to click around to see a lot of knitters’ back yards (or in my case, front, back, and side, all at the same time). And at this time of the year, I could really use a little field trip, even a virtual one. Spring is always very slow to arrive on this little tip of the island, so I hope I’ll get to see a few signs of it tomorrow!

And tomorrow morning I’ll have more time to post about the progress I’m not making on my PS Diamond Lace scarf project. Right now, I have to get ready to go and tell people what to read.

4 thoughts on “Field trip, anyone?

  1. Thanks for posting about the Field Trip! Here’s hoping its a great success! I’m looking forward to everyone’s photos!Maybe I should make a list of all of the Fieldtrippers in my sidebar! I think I’ll do that!


  2. I was going to jump on board for a knitting field trip. ANd then I found out that I would be able to really do it!:)I look forward to seeing a bit of your world tomorrow!


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