I know, I know, it’s still red and pink month.

But what’s a woman to do? This is a clapotis, of course. I’m not very far along yet (I just dropped the first little row of stitches), but I can’t help myself. My red socks will be there when I return from the land of KTBL and PFB. This yarn, which I wrote about the other day, is over-the-moon amazing. I am besotted. I do believe Sundara must get it from Yarn Fairies.

Pattern: Clapotis from Knitty (do you really need a link?)

Yarn: Sundara Yarn DK Merino Silk, “Sunny Day”

Needles: 4.5mm Gauge: about 4.5/inch

This is the very best project for a damp and rainy, sort of headachey Sunday. I’ll bet it’s just as good on all the other days of the week, too! I’ll let you know…

8 thoughts on “Sidetracked

  1. Your Sunny Day Clapotis is really beautiful. I have made a few tangents myself, but have rationalised it by telling myself, it’s not like the Olympics, and as long as I finish one red or pink thing by the end of the month, I’m cool.Are you buying it too?


  2. The yarn is working up beautifully into the Clapotis.I understand the “deviation” from pink & red – so far this month I haven’t knit anything in red/pink but I’ve done a baby blanket (green, blue, purple), green dishcloth, starting on a blue/green blanket/prayer shawl for my aunt…


  3. Project Spectrum is much mellower than the Knitting Olympics! 🙂 I love how the Clapotis is shaping up.And I hope your head feels better today…


  4. Oh you are just evil. Now I am going to have to get some of her yarn – it was bad enough when I caressed the yarn now to hear rave review of knitting it up……hmmmm something to break up my sweater knitting – what could I do…..rho


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