Blues and changes

Why, yes, I do knit. This is my Flower Basket shawl, still on the small side, but there has been progress. Although I’m past that horrible black mood I was in on Wednesday — and can I tell you how fantastic it was to have that little episode be the one that I had to post for Day in My Life? — it’s been hard to get back to what really matters. I’m almost there. The shawl is Knitting That Requires Attention, so I’m doing just that. I lost my groove the other day, and I’m working on getting it back today.

My Fairgrounds Rockin’ Sock Club sock will be ready for a photo shoot soon — it’s coming along, too.

The weather, though. It’s beautiful. It heard my pleas, or else all my stomping around was a reverse rain dance, and I made the sun come out. Either way, how can I not enjoy life on a day like today?


And in the spirit of PS June…

:low tide:

:cup and glass:

:winter sky:

:spring sky:

:snowy yard:

I have more, but I’ll save them for another time.


I joined the Knit Sock Kit Swap, dreamed up by Bev and Scout. Go on over and take a look! I haven’t participated in many exchanges (well, only two, if we’re counting), but this comes at a good time for me. It’s about socks, and I’ll get to create a sock kit (a bag, yarn, etc.) for my pal. I’ve been thinking about making a sock bag or two, so here’s my chance to give it a try. Signups end on Tuesday, June 13th at 8am EST.

Who knew I’d become such a joiner? It’s all good. I’ve connected with other knitters in ways I don’t get to in my regular life. Seeing what others are knitting, sharing progress and projects, giving a little here and there — I guess it’s a “K is for Knitting” thing.

7 thoughts on “Blues and changes

  1. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully the other blues slowly slip away from you… And hey, at least you did your Day in the Life – I haven’t done mine yet. Do I even remember Wednesday by now?!I joined the KSKS, too!


  2. i don’t know sh*t about kn*tting, but your site is cool, and your things are beautiful.the closest i got to knitting was making that potholder where you strung multi-colored pieces of pantyhose bands across it. tres seventies.


  3. I love the pics! love seeing what you see when you look around at your world. Glad you’re getting your groove back and so glad the sun has come out once again. The weather predicts me; too many days of rain and I start getting weird. Sounds like the relentless gray started getting to you, too, but how cool that it was that day you recorded. It’s so real.Your shawl is gorgeous!


  4. Sweet Jane,Love the shades of blue.And glad, Ms. Stella, that you are gettin’ your (knitting or whatever else!) groove back ^..^XOXO


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