Home from Rhinebeck

I know you’ve probably seen this all over blogland, but I can’t resist:

It’s the Gaint Pumpkin! We laughed and laughed. One R even named her new bear “Gerhadt Gaint” in honor of the silliness.

We spent our Rhinebeck time on Sunday revisiting vendors, chatting with friends, and doing a little more shopping. We were visiting Spirit Trail and happened to be there when the Yarn Harlot stopped by. I grabbed Judy from down the way, because I knew she’d like to meet her — we both would. She wanted to be able to tell Stephanie how participating in the Knitting Olympics inspired her, and to thank her. We did that. And we felt like goony junior high-schoolers. We hope Stephanie forgets the whole thing. Really, we are grown-ups. We have jobs and everything. Don’t let the giggles fool you.

By early afternoon we were ready to go home, so we did. We had the best time ever. We couldn’t — and can’t — stop marveling about our lovely, inspiring, hysterical, delicious, exhausting weekend. After a short detour through the beautiful grounds of the Vanderbilt Mansion, we turned toward home.



and already making plans for next year. So far: bring lunch, and our own pillows!


I began a scarf with my Brooks Farm Acero yarn today. Not lace this time around, but a diagonal rib. I’ll take a picture as soon as there’s something to show. I’m aiming for a soft, drapey, kind of wide, long scarf. So far so good.

5 thoughts on “Home from Rhinebeck

  1. Oh – I know just what you mean about getting all groupie giggly around knitting celebrities. The first time I talked to Meg Swansen when ordering from School House Press I got so stupid I started telling her about the entemology of our local Algonquin indian words. I mean – stoopid? and she was more gracious that it’s possible to imagine to me about it. I suspect these loving hearts stars just get used to drooling adults with knitting needles and books in their hands.Sigh. Your trip sounds heavenly.


  2. Cute typo photo. And did Sandy show you her picture of the sign for the Gems and Minerials show? :DI agree with Sandy: “make a meeting place with Norma beforehand” on the list, too!


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