The sky was simply amazing today, and so was the weather. The heat and humidity were chased away, perhaps by this sky angel. At least that’s what I see there — how about you? 

I finished my Beaded Turquoise Baktus, and washed it this morning. I love how it turned out, and I’m trying not to start another one right away (I know the end of this story, don’t you?).  It’s all dry and ready to be modeled by my porch finial mannequin.
 She’s served me faithfully for more than ten years now, so I think she deserves a close-up.
 Please don’t tell her that her head’s a little on the small side.

11 thoughts on “Wings

  1. I can see why you'd use her as a model – she has a most beautiful neck. I love your clouds, too. Here they're particularly small and poofy today, rather like a flock of Southdowns.


  2. Isn't this weather glorious? Blue skies, puffy clouds … low humidity! We couldn't ask for more! Although we do need rain …I think she makes the perfect mannequin!


  3. That finial is a lovely place to showcase your work. Seriously – I've been after been trying to figure this out. And I just this second had a fabulous idea. 🙂 Thanks!!!!!Love this scarf too.I'm another Baktus knitter – I think I'm on 4 and counting. I've never worn either of mine. I'm think Seasilk for the next one. But I did get some Sunna explicitly for a Baktus.


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