Ten on Tuesday: Again!

Ten Ways to Enjoy Summer
1.   To a tall glass filled with ice, add limeade and cold green tea. Sip.
2.   Get your feet wet in the sprinkler.
3.   Watch a parade.

4.   Eat lots of local blueberries/peaches/tomatoes/corn.
5.   Find a place by the water to sit and daydream.

6.   Drive the back roads with the windows down and listen to good, loud music.
7.   Knit in the evening, while the sun is setting and the day is winding down.
8.   Get up early in the morning, make some good strong coffee, and listen as the world wakes up.
9.   Let your hair dry while you stand in front of the fan.
10. Always wear sunscreen (also known as: One Way to Enjoy Many Summers to Come).

Thank you, Carole!

8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Again!

  1. Love this post Jane – it really does encapsulate the simple pleasures of summer! I have to make do with sitting by a lake rather than by the sea, which I would prefer…..but heck, I guess you can never have everything and the key is to love what you have!


  2. summer's up…………………(sigh)I really like the things you do on your blog. It's a kind of remarkable hazard on my mind when I get through your words. I mean seriously I appreciate your blog. Sensible. Love reading about people who talk about lives on the way.And get involved to their way of living.Thanks.


  3. Aurora's answer is on my blog ;)Excellent list! I have a preference for slow walks in the creek (IN the creek) listening to the birds. And ice-y popsicles when I get home.


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