It’s been a typical summer day. Blue sky, waves of heat, cicadas singing. It rained a little bit, and there was a thunderstorm somewhere, but most of the day has been just like this. I was on my way to the farm stand on the back road to get some blueberries, and the fields of corn were so beautiful that I had to stop. Though there wasn’t any place to take a photo from a higher vantage point, I can tell you that I think there’s something perfectly wonderful about a corn field, spreading out across acres, tassels waving in the breeze.

In another part of my world, today has not been typical. Barry Fraser, a blog friend and a wonderful writer, died yesterday. Reya has written a beautiful post (thank you, Sister), and others have as well, so I’ll let their words speak for me. I’m deeply grateful to have encountered Barry when I was on my own cancer journey, and I’m also grateful to be one of the fortunate ones. I’ll be here to wave him into the next world. I  just hope that my life and the way I live it honors him in some small way.

7 thoughts on “Waving

  1. I love the corn pictures. Who needs to get above them to appreciate their beauty. I love this: "there was a thunderstorm somewhere." Oh yeah.Barry is flying high while you and I are still here. It's inconceivable. Glad we're still here. I love you.


  2. I discovered Barry's blog fairly recently, when he posted the fiddle tune, I think it was called "Wedding Waltz" and the picture of his grandfather, the fiddler. I was so sad to read of his passing. As I prepare to support a friend in her treatment for Stage IV cervical cancer, all I can add is unprintable swear words… #&*@() CANCER!!!!


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