Fruits of Summer

These are the prettiest apricots I’ve seen this year. And they’re just delicious — sweet, a little tart, and perfect in every way. They come from Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva, NY; not exactly local, but in the same state, at least.

So, I didn’t begin another Baktus. Not this week, at least. This is Stephen West’s Herbivore. The yarn is String Theory Selku, which is a 50/50 Merino and Silk blend. The color is called Earthquake. I have a couple of skeins that I got at last year’s Knitters Review Retreat, and I don’t think this scarf will take more than one. I know, I’ll save the other one for a Baktus!

8 thoughts on “Fruits of Summer

  1. Hey! I've got one of those waiting to be blocked!I love String Theory yarn. (I even think that colorway is in stash.) And I have a new appreciation for earthquakes (of the minor variety!)


  2. Adding Herbivore to my monstrous queue…Beautiful apricots…one of my favorites, no matter what the preparation (fresh, preserves, dried…just love 'em).


  3. I'm knitting Stephen West's slipped rib scarf at the moment. All his patterns are great for showing off beautiful yarns.


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