Start fresh

A new notebook, a trusty pen. On with the day. This one is spiral, small, simple. It can be tossed into my bag, or lie open on my desk.

It’s not my journal; its purpose is utilitarian. It’s where I will park my thoughts and needs and bits of knitting brainstorms, just for the time being. I’m a serious iCal user, and I love my any.DO app, too. But there’s always something that needs jotting, isn’t there?

Do you have a notebook?

5 thoughts on “Start fresh

  1. I had to upgrade from notebook to five subject binder with an auxiliary scratch pad. This might be a symptom of an unhealthy mind. But it is, at least, an organized one.


  2. Yes; the current one is unlined, but I always have a notebook and pen in my tote. I don't carry a purse, per se; ratehr, I carry a knitting tote with a wallet in it!


  3. My mind/brain/self is visually organized & lists & notebooks help to keep me more on track than I otherwise would be.I have 3 notebooks in my pocketbook: 1 steno pad that is for work stuff; 1 my calendar book & 1 is for lists that include books I want to read, my knitting wish-list & my knitting projects.xoxo


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