Being at home

I’ve been spending almost all of my time at home, for weeks now. First, there was the move that the bookstore was making, and there wasn’t going to be a place for me to work until things were settled in the new space, so I brought my office home. That fit the timing for the surgery I was going to have, which meant that I’d need to be home to recuperate.

The surgery (repair to scar tissue left from previous surgeries) went well, but the work did not. I was working on our website as usual, but while I was, the bookstore was making some hard decisions. The website was eliminated, and so was my job.

Losing my job is a subject for another time. What I’m thinking about today is how much I love my home, my tiny space, my little calm place. It was remade by my sister Sarah when she came to be with me for the surgery, and on the final day, just a few hours before she had to leave, we took pictures of the amazing transformation. My mother’s dresser, her little overnight case on top; my knitting spot on the couch, the new television. There’s much more that you can’t see in one photograph.

And there in the middle: the beautiful, beautiful quilt Sarah made for me, which she put the finishing touches on while I was sleeping.

There’s no place like home, is there?

6 thoughts on “Being at home

  1. I'm so sorry to hear the news about the bookstore. It's shocking. You were there such a long time. But everything has a lifespan and too I know you will prevail.In the meantime it is miraculous that you're cozy and happy in your home. I'm thinking about you with a lot of love.


  2. Sucky news on the bookstore but how wonderful is it that you have a place of peace. Also: you have other customer happiness to manage. All will be well.


  3. Jane my sweet, I have to believe something better is in the wings. You are due for a brand new adventure. Wonder what it will be. A room of one's own is so necessary and you have a cozy healing spot to heal and rediscover your muse. Thinking of you.Rosi


  4. So sorry to hear about your job. 😦 When one door closes, a door to a brighter spot is there to be opened.You space is beautiful and so comfy looking. I treasure being home, too, because we are gone for work reasons (I go with My Honey where he works) half of the time – ten weeks away, ten weeks at home, ten weeks away, etc. It may seem pretty glamorous, but We ALWAYS love to come home!I hope you are able to find a job to work from home. We are planning for retirement by developing hand made items to sell. It's not easy to make a living that way. I sure hope it works!Huge hugs,Lois


  5. Your peaceful little home in all it's elements reflects your calm, sweet nature. I know you didn't want to give up your working life so soon, and I'm sorry to hear about your job. May all the joy you found in working in the bookstore find you at home and stay to live with you there as well.


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