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I’m imagining my next life by designing a business card. Doesn’t everyone do that?

I was invited to participate in a journal workshop for cancer survivors at Fighting Chance, a resource center for cancer patients in Sag Harbor. It takes place over four Saturdays, and I went to the first session this past week. I almost decided not to go. After all, haven’t I written enough about my cancer journey?

This is different. It has a structure, and writing assignments, and mentors. It’s challenging me to take what I know about myself and reflect on it, turn it inside-out if I want. And I can share the experience with some people who might be new to personal writing. I’m in, and gladly.

Imagining a next life does not require a clean slate.

But a business card, now…

4 thoughts on “Inside-out

  1. As a lifelong (pretty much) journal-er, I think that sounds like a fascinating opportunity! It’s usually a good thing to turn things inside-out once in a while. Enjoy.


  2. I am actually considering a business card that is a blank slate – all white with contact info only. I create what I want to do as I go. Of course, this begs the question of a snappy comeback when someone asks — I haven’t figured that part out yet.


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