It’s my usual plan on the first of January to knit something new. I like to begin the year with—well, something new. I cast on Troika last night, hoping to get a jump start on the thing, but after about 20 rows I realized that I wasn’t following the directions, and my cowl was already taking on an oddly-angled edge. Scrap that.

I began again this morning, this time with a real understanding of what Bristol Ivy had in mind for me. I’ve been knitting along all day, on and off, and enjoying this clever pattern. It’s a kit, but I noticed that the pattern is now available as a Ravelry download.

Rosemary appropriated it when the sunbeam arrived. I can’t blame her, since it wasn’t going to last long. She loves her green blanket thing, especially when it’s warmed by the sun or by my lap underneath it. At night, she likes to burrow under it and go to sleep. So what if Jane’s knitting was in her way?

Anyway, I’m knitting on my day off, like I’d planned. There’s laundry going, and black-eyed peas to warm later, and every once in a while I sigh and spend ten minutes “picking up,” which translates to “putting one thing away before wandering off.”

I don’t have huge intentions for this new year. I intend to pay closer attention: I hope to be the kind of person who knows when care and attention is needed and who then practices it. I intend to keep stretching my creating brain: I hope I will be able to knit more through the year. I intend to continue to grow in my job: I would like to keep seeing the smiles on the young riders’ faces as they arrive for their lessons each week, and as they discover that they’ll be riding their favorite pony that day.

I also hope to attain a goal: I would like to write a blog post for each of my soon-to-be 60 years. That’s just a few more than one a week, and I would like to look back at the end of the year and know that I accomplished that small thing. Do you think I can do it? We’ll see!

Happy, happy 2015 to you all! I hope it’s filled with loveliness and kindness and wonderful yarn, and smiles and sweet breezes and delicious spoonfuls of your favorite gelato.

4 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. Jane, you are already the kind of person who cares, pays attention and then acts!
    If you are really going to be 60 this year would you please let me know what you do to look so youthful? Is it moisturizer? I think it’s all your goodness shining through.
    Happy New Year to you and Rosemary from me and Missy.


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