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I want to start writing again. I stopped writing here because life grabbed me by the collar and dragged me down a side road. While it had me I worked, knit, moved house with Rosemary, and otherwise resembled myself. I’m not even sure the trip is over, but I think it’s close enough.

I might write about it – and about where I’m going, what I’m knitting, etc. –  but I wonder if this is still a good place to do that. If anyone has any thoughts about the state of the blog format, please leave a comment.

15 thoughts on “Contemplating

  1. I have to say, I have checked in at least weekly during your hiatus, sometimes daily, because I find tremendous value and curiosity in all things Jane. I am also trying be more dedicated to bloggeng and trying for weekly updates, but to make this happen, i feel I must withdraw from fb a bit, which I also think maybe a good thing…

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  2. Dearest Jane……. you said you want to start writing again……. soooooooo, maybe write like you don’t have an audience. Write about whatever you want, your life, moving, knitting and cancer ……write for yourself, for therapy, for joy, and for whatever else you need from writing.


  3. I have missed the more thoughtful or humorous prose that a blog allows. Write, your words are always lovely to read.


  4. I’ve missed your thoughtful blog posts, Jane, and am happy to hear you are thinking of writing more — maybe even on your blog. Facebook is fine for some kinds of communication, but I think blogging is more . . . personal. XO


  5. I’ve always thought you were a really insightful writer and I looked always looked forward to reading your blog. I loved your pictures (especially of the beach) and always felt a sort of kinship with you- a fellow lover of books and knitting. I also must admit to worrying about you in your absence – weird, since I don’t know you : )

    Happy you’re back!


  6. You have been missed and worried over. I think the blog format is still very relevant, especially for your style of thoughtful writing and gorgeous photography. It seems more peaceful and worth lingering over when written on a blog vs. other fast-paced media. I did not remove you from my blog reader, hoping you would pop back in and here you are!


  7. Hi Jane,

    I always want to read your updates and get them through Feedly. I have found that, for me, private journal writing is more satisfying and outweighs the pain of seeing my old writing up for the world to see. Your writing and photos are an antidote to everything horrible that is happening…So I encourage you to keep it up, but at the same time, if it is stifling your true, best writing, you may want to experiment offline just to see how it feels.



  8. Ditto everyone who has said they hope you will pick up with your blog again. I have missed reading your posts about life, knitting, Rosemary, whatever… (and I am not on facebook so cannot follow people that way)


  9. I have always enjoyed reading your blog posts and missed them when you were away. Glad that you have returned, hopefully, to your blog with the caveat that we all need to do what is best for ourselves. Treat yourself kindly!


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