Too much

Hydrangea Neck Warmer in Gobi

Too much winter makes me cranky. Snow on snow, colder and colder. The days may be growing longer, but they just begin to feel endless. A cold has kept me home for a couple of days, though, and I’ve been knitting and making soup and trying to pull myself out of the pit I seem to be in. I think I see the way out, but I still have a climb ahead of me.

Simple Baktus in Cormo/Mohair

Watching Annabelle as she fades is hard, but I don’t really realize it until something in her behavior changes. She likes the idea of eating more than her body wants food. I open a fresh can, offering her whatever she wants, just in case she does want to eat. She peers at it, sometimes taking a bite, sometimes not. She knows best, and I’m trying to listen to her.

Of course I don’t want her to go, but I am determined not to keep her here longer than she needs to be. I don’t want to think about daily life without my little sentinel, but I must. I’ve accompanied many beloved pets to the end of their lives, and yet I don’t feel prepared for it now. I look at Annabelle and think that I’m so grateful to her, to this little soul more than any other, for watching over me when I was sick.

A is for Annabelle

This little buff tabby has been a good lesson for me, with her affectionate distance and obvious sense of her own self. She’s always been this way; the minute I saw her contemplating me from across the room in the ARF adoption center, I knew she had been sent to me.

Until it’s time for her to go, I’ll be keeping her as close as she will allow, and listening.