Thinking about knitting


cormo hat bIn one moment, I would like to knit with Clara Yarn Cormo 2.0 forever. In the next, I’m enthralled by a crisp woolen spun yarn and garter stitch. When I’m at work, the last thing I should be thinking about is the knitting that waits at home, or what I will do with the design that is forming in my head. And yet there I am.

So I ponder this: I don’t “score” yarn. When something rare and beautiful arrives on my doorstep, I’m delighted. When I spend hard-earned money on yarn, or tools or patterns, there is no “damage” done.

Knitting is such joyful, soulful work. There’s no room for much besides wonder and pleasure, even on the days when my hands ache, or I’ve had to unravel a whole day’s work, or on days when all I can do is think about what I wish I could be knitting.