swatchI’m either a collector or an accumulator, depending on your point of view. Either way, I keep little bits and bobs on surfaces around my house, and I always have. These are things that I like being able to see or touch. Some of them are things I just need to know are there.

These stones from my beach fit perfectly in my palm, and this swatch is a bit of yarn given to us at the Knitter’s Review Retreat. Rosemary likes to take the pink stone and shove it to the floor, just because she can. Then, as all cats do, she loses interest.

I’m beginning to gather myself up and move forward. There’s so much to do, and most of it is more important than this household overhaul, but I have to say that all the sorting and assessing is good for me. I feel able and centered and open in a way I haven’t in a long time.

The project isn’t going at full tilt any more (without Niece Becca it’s just not the same) but that’s fine. I look at the bits of my life as they emerge from boxes and drawers, and I’m glad to know they’re there.

P. S. I’m playing with the blog. Indulge me.