Brigantia Shawl 5I had to close most of the windows last night, and brought out a pair of wool socks to keep my feet warm. This is my favorite weather — in between seasons. The sun is still strong, but the light is changing, and the temperature is perfect.

Now that summer is over I’ve been knitting again, and happily designing a new shawl. It’s almost finished, and it will be ready in time for Rhinebeck. When Jen asked me to help her debut a new color for Spirit Trail Fiberworks, my work-addled brain came to life.Brigantia Shawl 4

Here it is, in glorious color. It’s called Purple Peacock —and it’s the most beautiful, intense blue/purple that I’ve ever seen. It changes with the light, and I had a hard time photographing it. Jen was inspired by a trip to the zoo that she took with her family this summer.

It will be available in all her yarn bases, but my shawl is in Brigantia, a DK-weight blend of 85% Polwarth and 15% silk. It’s one of my favorite Spirit Trail yarns — sturdy, but with a lovely drape, and that little glow that the silk brings to the surface of the fabric.

I’d had something in mind for Brigantia a while back, and I reworked it a bit, changed some things here and there, and fine-tuned some techniques and stitches to create a generous shawl that will be comfortable and not too bulky, but still substantial. I like substantial shawls, as you might have noticed!Brigantia Shawl 3

I don’t want to show you everything, but this lump of knitting (all shawls have a lump-of-knitting stage) hints at a little lace, some stockinette, and a simple border. It’s a shawl, so it will take some time to knit — but in beautiful Brigantia on #7 needles the time will pass quickly!

You’ll need just one skein of Brigantia to make the shawl, and here’s something exciting: when you purchase a skein of Brigantia to make it at the Spirit Trail booth at Rhinebeck, you’ll receive a coupon for a free Ravelry download of the pattern!

(Stuck in my head right now: Ina Garten saying “How easy is that?”)

I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Jen, and to be working with her beautiful yarn in this exciting, vibrant color to bring you a pattern that I hope will be lovely to knit, lovely to wear, and that will make you smile throughout the process.