SHS 06.16.14Life gets sorted out, with help. With hard work. With perseverance. I got a job.

I’m now the office manager at Stony Hill Stables. My coworkers include horses and the humans who care for them, and it’s a whole new world to me. There’s an energy there, a very good energy. I’m back to full-time hours, and the alternate version of a weekend (my days off are mid-week). It’s been a tiring but invigorating two weeks – it happened so fast that I began working just a few days after the interview.

hat 6.18.14There hasn’t been much time for knitting, and not much energy for it, either. I have a little pile of hats waiting to be blocked, but New Job has taken the top spot on my list of things to do. I knit for a while yesterday, and almost finished this hat. It made me so happy!

After months and months of knitting every day, of designing and testing (wink-wink) and knitting some more, it felt strange to spend a day without needles in my hand. I think that I couldn’t knit while I was getting used to my new schedule, and while my brain was processing all the new tasks. Yesterday, with a big happy sigh, I picked up my knitting. I’m full again.

SHS 06.16.14aThis is the view from my lunchroom, at least in good weather. I think a little break-time knitting will fit in nicely.

I’m so glad to be busy again, to have good work to do, to be my whole self. It can only get better — my connection to knitting, my understanding of my new work world, all of it.

Oh, and I get to drive by my beach twice a day! Icing on the cake!