Little happy

Lot 4 Honey Cowl 4Finished just in time for the big snow: A Honey Cowl in Lot 4 The S&D Experiment. This is the final yarn in Clara Parkes’ year-long adventure, The Great White Bale. I used US9 needles on almost all of both skeins of the dyed yarn, and gave it a good soak in very warm soapy water. I’ll definitely be wearing it tomorrow as I watch/help Landlord Dave clear the steps and cars. I am happy!

I finished the great closet overhaul yesterday, another reason to be happy. It was hard work, but I’m now free of many, many pounds of decaying fibers and yarns, and countless other unnecessary parts of my history. Everything that matters is safe and sound. What’s left is a lot of space, and room for things that belong in the closet: the sewing machine, the aerobed, an air cleaner, two spinning wheels, and all my yarn, for starters. Now on to the spaces I really live in!

Next on my knitting needles should be my CustomFit sweater. After all, it’s close to being finished, and it’s winter, and I could use a warm wool sweater. But as I was tidying up today, there was my Knitter’s Review Retreat New Beginnings Project, waiting for a little attention. It’s Walk on the Moon in Spirit Trail Fiberworks Nona. I think I’ll make it happy and work on it for a while.

Little happy things add up, don’t they?