Spinning is good

Rhetorical question: Why does the usually stand-offish Annabelle need to have an up-close and personal conversation with me the minute I sit down at the computer? Anyone? I love her to pieces, I do.

As I was about to say: spinning is very, very good. It makes an ugly work week so much more beautiful. It makes it possible for me to take the delayed, incorrect, or missing shipments; the customers with ice cream (yes, that “No Food” sign does include ice cream, and it does apply to you); the burned-out, crabby, and frequently tardy staff; and the relentlessly hot, humid weather. In short, spinning makes just about anything possible right now.

I plied what I’ve spun so far, and ended up with a perfect 200 yards. I want to squeeze it, cuddle it, pet it. This yarn is not stand-offish, not one bit. So there, Miss Cat. [Oh, I still love you the best, because you have never ever needed to have an up-close and personal conversation with me while I am knitting. Or spinning.]

I think this yarn will become a scarf, maybe like this one. The photo doesn’t give you much, though. I want it to be something lacey, but with some structure. If I get a lot of yardage out of the ten ounces of fiber I have, then maybe I’ll make something larger.

I found the pattern through a wonderful blog I came across, Spider Woman Knits. I like her stuff, and I like her style.

Enough of this spinning and goofing off. It’s time to get out into the sunny day and do some day off, errandy things. I think it’s a peach smoothie kind of day, too.