The olden days

My little book has taken me on a nostalgic journey, back to my years of doing craft fairs, and the Sheep & Wool Festival, and to my box of photographs.

My friends V and K and I called ourselves “Moonflower Studios” after the flowers we all love. We had a booth at MD Sheep & Wool for I don’t know how many years. We dyed, we spun, we knitted and wove and crocheted. We carded fiber blends with names like “Zuni” and “Badger” and “Dawn.”

In this photograph from 1994, V’s natural-dyed yarns and woven pieces anchor the booth; there’s K’s handsome vest at the back; on the left is a blue scarf I knitted (you can’t see my woven shawls); and there seem to be hats everywhere. You also can’t see our lineup of wheels and baskets to the right, where we sat and spun and gabbed with each other and everyone who stopped by. We pooled our considerable talents and created the most beautiful display in the whole festival, if I do say so myself (and in the same spot every year: Building 1, back left, next to the big door).

Our friendships survived the excitement, hard work, and stress. I can say with certainty and love that V and K are my dearest friends. We were Moonflower. We are Moonflower.

And back in the present, it’s a most glorious day here — warm, with a little breeze from the ocean, a deep blue sky, and best of all, not humid. It’s going to be a fine day off. I’m almost ready to ply another batch of yarn, I want to work on some knitting, and History of Love is turning out to be a marvelous book. I’m set!

4 thoughts on “The olden days

  1. Moonflower – what a great choice for a name. They are one of my fav summer flowers. After I planted them one year, they self-seeded & are back every year since.Lovely photo, Jane, of your booth! How many years were you all there?Martha


  2. Jane, I love that name. The set up is gorgeous. I’m sorry I mistook you for a librarian. I should read clear back to get the whole story! My business is called Strawberry Moon Studios. It’s a one woman operation.


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