What to do, what to do

The KR Retreat is just around the corner. I have major work to do at the store before I leave (returns: you love them or you hate them, but you still have to pull them). My apartment is, well, it’s just a mess. My head is in the same state (migraine, migraine go away…). I haven’t gotten in touch with the people I need to so that I will have a place to sleep before and after the Retreat. Last week was a hard one, stressful and draining, but it’s over now. So?

I don’t know what is going on here. Will I pull it all together before the last minute? Yes, of course I will. I feel a bit overwhelmed, and the lurking headache is no help. It, too, will move on.

At least I have been having Knitting Success. The Carbon socks are a blast to knit. I finished one and I’m turning the heel of its mate. This yarn is an absolute joy. It’s almost self-striping, with an ikat vibe. I love the way the colors flow. I had a little panic when I read Cara’s blog and realized/remembered that there are only 325 yards to a skein of Socks That Rock, which could mean… I won’t even think about it. I knit the legs shorter than usual, just in case. I could have measured and divided the yarn, but that would mean I’d have to measure and divide the yarn when I’d rather knit. I’m putting it in the hands of the Yarn Goddesses. I’ll post a picture when I get the pair finished.

After the socks, there’s a beautiful skein of Brooks Farm Primero waiting for me to find just the right scarf design. I think I’ll make one up, with a basketweave thing and maybe a reversible cable on each edge. Either that, or I’ll make “Peacock’s Pride” from Lavish Lace. I want a take-along project that isn’t socks. I’ll bring socks, too, of course, but it’s all about having choices.

I think I’ve almost talked myself out of this funk. It’s about time. In twelve short days I will be having a wonderful time with NewOld friends!

3 thoughts on “What to do, what to do

  1. Hope you are feeling better very very soon!Know how those book returns go – I worked part time at an indie Philly bookstore in the early/mid 80s & did only returns for them. Guess that tells you what the staff tho’t about doing them. Love the scarf patterns you are considering.See you soon ^..^Regards,Martha


  2. I also have been watching Cara’s blog for how she does with the STR. When I bought the yarn, somebody in the booth told me to make the socks a little bit shorter than I usually do. However, since I’ve only completed one pair of socks–I don’t have a standard length!


  3. I’m feeling so much pressure! ;-)Okay – I’m down to the end here – I’ve got half an ounce to go and about 26 pattern rows and then the decreases. CAN SHE DO IT?! LOL!Can’t wait to see your socks. I’m sure they ROCK! 🙂


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