I just have to be starting something

Instead of starting all the things I really need to do before I leave on Thursday morning, I’ve spent a good part of the day on this…
…a nice little scarf in my pansy-colored Brooks Farm yarn.

I began by thinking how efficient I’d be if I wound a few skeins of yarn into balls before I put the swift and winder away. Good idea, but several skeins later I was still winding, not cleaning or laundering or doing anything that’s on my mile-long list.

I really, really wanted to start knitting with this yarn, and I’ve been thinking about what I’d like it to look like for about a week. None of my ideas worked, though. Too fussy, not enough stitch definition, too open…

This isn’t the easiest yarn to choose a stitch for, because even though it’s soft as can be, it’s still mohair, it’s long-stapled and inelastic, and each stitch seems to be poised to slip off the needles if I’m not careful. So I ended up casting on for another Here and There Cables scarf, like the one I made with my handspun last month. It looks completely different, and the pattern fits my requirements for a semi-mindless knit that lets the yarn and the pattern complement each other, just as they should.

Then I found this in a drawer…

…some yarn I spun a looooong time ago!

On the left is “Amethyst,” a Moonflower Studios blend from oh, back in 1991 or so. On the right is yarn from my Favorite Fleece of All Time, a Lincoln-Corriedale ram named Bomfit. Imagine that — they have been in a bag in that drawer for six years, just hanging out with nothing to do! I’ll have to do something with them now, won’t I?

It’s almost time to choose the road music, pack the trail mix, and gas up the old CRV for the trip to the Retreat. I can’t believe that I’m taking actual vacation days! For a Road Trip! To meet KR Friends! I’d say I’m beside myself, but I’m really not. I am just eager and happy and looking forward to everything. I’m taking Wednesday off, too, so I can have a day to get ready without rushing.

2 thoughts on “I just have to be starting something

  1. What beautiful “vintage” handspun! Look forward to seeing you at the Retreat – I have said that before & I have meant it every time ^..^And please do tell me of the stitch pattern you are using for the scarf from the B. Farm mohair.Be carefully as you make your way to Graves Mtn.Martha


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