I’ve joined the Jaywalker Knitalong over at Cara’s blog. How could I resist? There’ll be a drawing for a skein of Socks That Rock! It’s a nice pattern, and Cara’s STR versions show off the yarn and the design quite nicely. I’ll be making my pair with a gorgeous colorway called Moss Agate, which was part of my embarrassing haul modest purchase of yarn from The Fold at Rhinebeck.

I’m cranking along on the second sock for V, so I guess I can handle another sock or two. I need to get spinning, though, or I won’t have any, much less enough, California Red for the Sweet R. Oh, drat! Time is not on my side.

Most of the books in my pre-emptive mega-order have arrived at the store, so I feel like I can relax just a little. However, I spent a good part of the day in the basement, hauling stuff around so there’d be room to store the mega-order, and I did myself in. Which do I prefer, stress or pain? Is there a difference? Motrin and a rest will help, but will there be any knitting? Hmmm…

3 thoughts on “Jaywalking!

  1. hauling books in one’s basement does not for back aches help.. so says confuscious knitterous..haul in the helpers and set yourself down to knit! Hah!Glad that you’re back from your various adventures.. the holiday season is beginning, and in retail that = busy.. knitting is the best therapy!


  2. a basement full of books??????????I gather a DRY basement full of books…..hmmmmmmmit is almost heavenly then I swearvi~ who needs bifocals but loves loves loves to read……all sorts of loverly books….how to’s craftshistoryhistorical biographies of woman prior to 1900…. ( or better yet 1850)scienceanimalscostumeanthropologywhich I can not spelloyehahahahahaoh and NEW age stuff too….. tarot is nice……..real ghost stories toohmmmmmmsend lottery ticketsvi


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