Girls Knit

Well, they’re on their way. The first R loves her handspun yarn, and thought she’d invented a new way to knit. She was disappointed when I told her that she was knitting Continental, but I was pretty impressed, since I’d showed her American! The second R kept measuring and measuring. Three inches just didn’t seem right, but that’s a lot, considering all the fun and silliness that went on around the table. By the end of the afternoon (long after dark, really) they were tired, but happy and proud. Me, too.

One thought on “Girls Knit

  1. I always tell my students that whether you’ll be a continental knitter or an english knitter is decided before they pick up the needles. I taught my step-son continental (since that’s what I do, so clearly it’s much easier, right?) and twelve hours later looked over and he was throwing like a pro…


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