Just a step at a time

That’s all I can do, and that’s all that it takes. I will be learning this lesson well into my next twelve lives, I suppose. Here’s my thought: all this knitting dissatisfaction, all these balls of yarn attached to little bits of random knitting, all these needles stuck in big blobs of knitting, are a sign. The sign says Settle Down. I have been careening again.

I have no pictures of knitting progress to share, because there hasn’t been any progress. Well, I do have the cuff of a Jaywalker sock, looking good so far in Koigu on 2.5mm needles. But no picture. I have one finished washcloth, which might end up being mine because all of a sudden I have an urge to knit with hemp, and I think hemp might make a spectacular washcloth. Linen would work, too. I have no hemp, and no linen either. Oh, dear, it looks like I’ll have to drive to the North Fork and see if the yarn shop has some (of course I could call and inquire, but that would be sensible, and I need a yarn shop fix anyway). If not, I’ll order it this afternoon.

See where this is going? All over the place, that’s where. And in the car, too.

I will declare right here that this is what I want to do:

  • Finish V’s other sock (I’m almost to the heel flap). She deserves to have toasty toes while she’s feeding her chickens on cold winter mornings.
  • Keep Jaywalking, because I want to get to the point where I can tell if this one will fit. If it doesn’t, I’ll make some more adjustments.
  • Swatch some Manos for a revised Wildflower sweater. V-neck pullover, raglan or drop shoulder. Whichever. That yarn is beginning to bug me to do something with it, something besides the lumpy sweater I started in the spring.
  • Start spinning some of the delicious fibers I purchased this year. Spinning gives me knitting ideas, anyway. I have no grand plans for any of it yet; it needs to be explored first. And wouldn’t it be lovely to explore it on a Real Rick Reeves wheel? Oh no, not that again! Save that wish for the New Year!
  • Knit mindlessly. If I go with this washcloth idea, in hemp or not, I only need to make four of them. That’s just a few DVD’s worth of knitting, tops.

This is what I do not want to do:

  • Fuss or fret over anything Knitting. I have enough Life and Work stuff to fuss and fret over.
  • Attempt to do any Christmas knitting that is not as simple as a washcloth or a scarf. Even the scarf option is dangerous.


I have some emails to write to some knitting friends who have been patient for too long, but I have a problem:

She’s as good an excuse as any, I suppose. Really, there’s no excuse. I’m typing now, aren’t I, even though I keep having to shove a rather large head out of my way? I would like those knitting friends to know that I love them, and that I’ll tell them so real soon.


P.S. I just visited Margene’s blog and what do you think she has to say today?

“Use knitting time as a way of reconnecting with yourself and to find quiet,
contemplative time during this season of mania. Be good to you!”

All righty, then!

5 thoughts on “Just a step at a time

  1. Hi JaneThere is enough work and stress in the world- Why allow our knitting to become a part of that? I just took my lunch hour and drove to a quiet spot by the river to knit and think. I try to do this almost every day. I am working on a project for my husband for Christmas, but have figured out how many rows I need to do a day to be done by Dec 15 and work towards that daily goal. It’s amazing how much of the stress of wondering if it’s going to be done on time goes away by setting up a timeline.


  2. My resolution for 2006 is not to start any major projects – nothing bigger than a pair of socks. I’m hoping this will cause me to finish some of the big things I have piling up (which will be great feng shui), but the allowance of smaller things will mean I can pick and choose and still do some playing.


  3. Oh, another post from you that hits home w/me! Yours is the 2nd one to do that this AM – do I hear the “Twilight Zone” theme playing somewhere?That antsy feeling can feed on itself – it’s like a knitting/spining ADD, ya know?Take a breath, now another one, maybe a 3rd. You’re A-OK & this will settle.Amie’s tho’t to have only little new projects is one I am adopting – thanks, hon.Hugs & XOXO to you, sweet Jane.


  4. Jane,I’m new to your blog courtesy of Miss Wooly Knits who I just adore! Anyhow, you are so right about not letting our knitting add to the stress of everything else one needs to deal with in todays world. I’ve been obsessing about a scarf I was knitting for my brother…..I made a slight mistake and tried fixing it and then wound up frogging the entire scarf. Talk about stressing over it and why? So, I’ll knit it again and as one of your other posters said, I’ll set a timeline and go from there. I’ll remember what my grandmother always said, “it’ll all come out in the wash, so don’t fret over it”.


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