Cause for celebration:

I finished something! Not only that, I like it. And it looks just the way I wanted it to look. The main yarn is Manos Multi-Color in “Woodland.” The cuff, toe, and heel are Manos Semi-Solid in “Olive.” I decided to switch the colors (I don’t know why I thought that I had to make the main color solid, when the multi-color is so beautiful). I gave it the spotlight it deserved, and I’m happy. This version is cuff-down, and has an after-thought heel. I used size 7 double-pointed needles and cast on 52 stitches. Easy-peasy!

I’m ready for Santa to do his thing. And I feel a lot better now that I’ve given myself this present!
And speaking of gifts, the KR Sock Yarn Round Robin made its way to my mailbox! Lella sent this wonderful ball of Meilenweit Fun:
I’ll have a hard time resisting it for now, but it’s nice to know that it will be there when it’s dark and dreary and I need a knitting boost. I am determined to work on my other unfinished socks, a bit at a time, until they are closer to completion. Only one pair is for a gift, and they’re almost done, so my determination won’t have to last very long.

This little KR project has been so much fun. I sent some yarn to Jayme — it wasn’t too hard to plunge my arm down into my sock yarn stash and come up with something I thought she might like. It was Lorna’s Laces in the “Bucks Bar” color.

We had another, heavier snowfall on Monday night. It was very cold and windy yesterday afternoon, and my fingers nearly froze when I got out of the car to take this picture of Noyac Bay:

Those waves are wind-driven. It was bracing, I tell you, absolutely bracing. I could hardly breathe, but I stayed there long enough to turn around and get this:
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am so fortunate to live in a place like this. This particular place, Long Beach, is on the way to Sag Harbor and my PO box. Every single time I drive by this spot I am grateful — for the extraordinary character of the ever-changing light, for the sweeping curve of the rocky shoreline, for the beautiful colors of the water and the sky. I am always wishing I had my camera with me. Yesterday afternoon I did.

5 thoughts on “Cause for celebration:

  1. The stocking is charming but your pictures are so beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful to live near a large geographical landmark like the ocean or mountains. I would need one or the other in my life always.


  2. gorgeous. No wonder you have to paint! I know just what you mean about having beauty woven into your daily routines. I have my own special treats each time I go to work. Great sock – and great to knit yourself a gift. I read in some financial freedom book the sage advice: Pay yourself first.Ditto with gifts. 😀


  3. great stocking Jane… just fabulous colors!! Hope that Santa stuffs it FULL of fun things!Also, what amazing photos! I love the ones of the beach – and also the one of the yarn on the porch rail in the snow – makes me miss New York.


  4. That’s a lovely Christmas stocking, Jane and what gorgeous views you get to gaze upon! I didn’t realize you were a KR member and we’ve answered each other’s posts from time to time….what a small world, afterall, as they say….I’m known as Patience on KR, so a big HELLO to you, jcc!


  5. I’m giving you a standing O for the sock/stocking. I hope santa brings you lots of presents.and the pics of the ocean are so lovely. bracing it might have been, but at least you can look at them later when you are warm.


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