Come into my parlor…

…said the spider to the fly. It began innocently enough. Here’s part of an email from my sister:

“I grabbed some yarn on impulse at Michaels yesterday…I want to do skinny scarves for my book group. Or do you have a pattern? E.”

Then the real journey began:
“…found another skinny scarf pattern that’s my old favorite…big needles for a lacy look…just want skinny with some texture…Am I getting on your nerves yet? E.”

There was a bit of back and forth, a couple of phone calls, some progress, and:

“After messing around, I am progressing with the pattern you gave me…looks good, so I’m going to make a scarf for myself. I decided it’s too ambitious to make six scarves by Dec. 21 after not having knitted for 20 years. I’ll never be ambitious about it, but it’s fun anyway…E.”
Within ten days, we were almost there:
“I am beginning to understand how you can get hooked on this knitting stuff. In trying to find patterns on the Internet for a dog sweater, I found my way to The Knitting Garden, and I want to make everything—scarves, a purse, different little wraps. And some of it isn’t very hard, so it’s not threatening. Forget sweaters, though—too risky! Time for a conference call. I need a new headset so I can knit while talking. 🙂 E.”
And finally, we have arrived at our destination:
“No, I have not been knitting during work hours.”

I love my sis. She’s funny and smart and the Best big sister. But she’d probably kill me if she knew I was posting the evidence of her latest addictive obsession little pastime for all the world to see (nobody tell her, okay?). When the spider (that would be me) catches the fly (that would be her) she wants to share the good news.

My own knitting? A sock heel here, a washcloth there. Nothing major, but all good. I need to get going on the Christmas shopping, though — right now, today. What makes me think I can bend time? Eleven days is eleven days, and I’ll be spending eight of them at the store helping other people with their shopping. I have a tree to put up, festivities to attend, and cards to make (yeah, like that will happen), and the last time I checked it was December 14th.

One thought on “Come into my parlor…

  1. Ahh… I know this well (says she who has left her husband sitting alone at a table in a restaurant so she could get better cell reception in order to answer a “knitting emergency” question of her mother’s…)My personal favorite is that I taught my mother to knit because she was watching me knit a lace hat I designed. She has seen me knit socks, sweaters, and numerous items. And she scoured the internet and came to me one day with a “pattern” she thought I’d like – which was the Harlot’s simple hat. Mom didn’t think I’d know how to make one so she didn’t ask.Thanks, Mom.Guess you never grow up to Moms, do you?


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