How I spent my day off

First sleeve done, one to go! My “coach” has been by my side through it all, through the good times and the bad, and as I get ready for the final leg of this event I’d like to say…Annabelle, wake up! Pay attention! No? Fine, then. Be that way.

I’ve spent this entire day indoors, in my PJ’s even, knitting and sleeping off a migraine-ish, flu-ish, sick-ish kind of thing. I’m feeling better now, and even though I’m sure I’ll be able to finish the sweater in plenty of time, I’d like to have another day just like this one. I might be able to manage it, if things go well at work tomorrow.

Judy has almost finished the knitting part of her Olympic endeavor. Blocking and seaming the two pieces will be easy enough. Now, if she’d just stop reporting how much time is left… She was grateful for all the comments to my post about her week, and they made her feel better. Life is resuming its ordinary chaos, slowly but surely.

I received the name of my Project Spectrum Postcard Swap pal (now, that’s a mouthful!) and I’m looking forward to getting started on the card and the whole project. Project Spectrum, the ABC-Along, and the Knitting Olympics are making this a very interesting and inspiring year so far!

Back to knitting. My hands are anxious to get to the point when I switch to DPN’s. They think they are knitting a sock.

7 thoughts on “How I spent my day off

  1. Heh, my hands thought they were knitting a sock, too, instead of a sleeve and they obliged by knitting tightly, as all socks should be knit… but not as all sleeves should be knit.Some trainer, where’s the massage? The towel to catch drips of sweat running down your face?Hope you’re feeling better. I get that migrainey/fluey kinda thing regularly. Blech.


  2. is your trainer sleeping on teh job?? or just resting up so she’ll be fresh when you need her (one never knows with cats.)WOWza babe. You’ll be finished with your sweater waaay before me. Congrats, it looks great!


  3. Awesome, girlfriend! You are inspiring me w/your terrific progress.And A. is just a great coach – tell her Jeremy & Natalie send their kitty regards.Hope you feel way way better way way soon.XOXO


  4. Annabelle looks like a very tough coach! hehe ;)Your sweater is so lovely, Jane! I can’t wait to see you model it for us.So glad you are excited about Project Spectrum – I am too!


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