D is for…

…Isak Dinesen and Annie Dillard. They are two of my favorite writers, and I have read some of their books over and over again. I can’t resist what comes after, “I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills.” I know I’m caught when the first sentence reads, “I used to have a cat, an old fighting tom, who would jump through the open window by my bed in the middle of the night and land on my chest.”

D is also for dollhouse. There is a big old dollhouse in my family, my mother’s favorite childhood toy. We three daughters played with it next, and then the grandchildren had their turn. It’s in storage now, a little the worse for wear, but I’ve seen it and know it survives. These are a few bits and things that I tucked into my pocket on a visit a few years ago, just so I could have a bit of my childhood back before it disappeared completely. Most of them are from the 1920’s, pewter and lead and china. The doll is named, appropriately, Dolly. She is only thirty-five, of the grandchildren’s generation, and well-loved.

5 thoughts on “D is for…

  1. OUT OF AFRICA is one of my all time fav books. Also loved the movie – even imagining Meryl Streep saying that 1st line can bring me to tears.Havn’t read Annie D. in many years – might try her again upon your say-so.XOXo


  2. Love the dollhouse images and the small pieces and trinkets in your photo. My grandmother had those same little porcelain dogs curled up and snoozing, and I used to have tea parties with them… a long time ago


  3. Huh? Where did my comment go? Well – congratulations anyway on the bee you tee ful sweater, the completion, the self-discovery and as always, the beautiful photographs. and many hugs.


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