Sunny Day

The clouds have been blowing madly across the sky. It’s wild, and energizing. And cold.

Great Art is never created without disorder, and neither is a Project Spectrum Postcard. It’s on its way to my Pal, in a envelope because I just couldn’t bear to let it take its chances. I had so much fun making it!

The Sunny Day clapotis is coming along nicely. I like having this big thing to work on alongside the socks I am always knitting, and it’s fun to get to the part where I drop a line of stitches. I am still so in love with this yarn that I will be sad when my scarf is finished.


My fear of having Only One Project seems to keep me from finishing anything too quickly. I’d rather savor each one, and work on it when the mood strikes, than commit myself to finishing one at a time. Funny, this thought never occurred to me before the Knitting Olympics!
Those sixteen days of monogamy were pure, sockless torture.

I’ve always started whatever, whenever, fretting only when the Pile of Knitting begins to obstruct my path, or when all my size 7’s are in use, or when nothing I start satisfies me. That’s when a deep breath is in order, and some ruthless frogging, too. I have plenty of big ideas, the yarn to make them happen, and — best of all — no deadlines!

5 thoughts on “Sunny Day

  1. Will you share you postcard after it’s received???I ALWAYS have to have a sock going, for meetings at work or other dead time. I worked on one during the Olympics, too. Socks – got the habit?*twitch, twitch*


  2. i tend to have at least 5 projects going at once, not because i like to have a choice depending on the mood i am in (that would be sensible) but because when i find a pattern or yarn i like (usually both) i just can’t wait! :0) i tried the whole ‘only knitting one thing’ for the olympics too…didn’t work! x


  3. Your clappy scarf is so lovely!! I’m thinkin’ that I should probably try one of these too – what delightful play to drop a stitch on purpose – almost like jumping in a puddle and no one gets mad :-)I agree that one can never have too many projects in process. I tend to get a little nervous if I’m down to only two!My input: start another before you finish clapotis ! 🙂


  4. I love the colors you’ve chosen for you clapotis. And what is Spectrum? It seems to be a pictoral essay of a single color around the house?


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