Progress, plans and a postcard

I’ll tell you right now, this could take a while. I got home from work last night, wondered why I had to drag myself up the stairs, why I could barely eat my little bowl of soup, why I needed to stretch out on the couch to knit…Ah, could it be because I haven’t stopped running for more than a week? Perhaps.

I’m nearing the end of the clapotis. This is all the yarn I have left, and if my calculations are correct, it should be just right (someone posted a formula on KR — you need 20% of your yarn for the increase section, 60% for the straight section, and 20% for the decrease section).

I love the pattern so much that I’m going to cast on right away for a smaller clapotis, with 400 yards of Schaeffer Laurel in “Elizabeth Blackwell.” This just might be the perfect present for my sister S, whose Big Birthday is in May. I’ve been saving the yarn for something special, after all. It’s a really soft cabled cotton that looks like it will knit nicely on 7’s or 8’s.

Progress. My mom is making progress at last. She’s had too many setbacks in the past three months, but last week she turned a corner. She’s up and around more, happier, and more like her new old self (the one we’ve been getting used to since she had the stroke almost a year ago). We sat and talked, looked at photographs, told stories, and there was one point when all three of us dozed off. My niece and I visited with her as much as we could, and we fit in an evening with my brother and his family, a short visit with my dear friend V, some shopping for my mom, a stay with my sister E and her family, and — wait for it — two yarn store experiences.

The first shop we visited was Knit and Stitch=Bliss in Bethesda. I remember when it was the Needlework Attic, way back in the olden days. We had a great time poking around, and the staff was wonderful. R picked out some yarn for a friend’s birthday, and she fell in love with this Mountain Colors Bearfoot in “Thunderhead.” She’d like a pair of gloves, and I think a few cables are in order, don’t you?

The next day we were on Capitol Hill, and E, R and I went to Stitch DC on 8th Street SE. I was in Yarn Heaven! Here were all the yarns I never get to see in person — Habu, Hemp for Knitting, Claudia, Alchemy, Karabella, Blue Sky. Oh, the delicious agony of the Alchemy! I restrained myself somewhat and purchased this Claudia fingering merino in “Passion Fruit” and one skein (but enough for a little scarf) of Alchemy Silk Purse in “Scarlett’s Dark Secret.”

I also fell in love with two Habu yarns. The pink one is Paper Ring in “Madder” (it’s linen with a cotton core) and the other two are GEAR linen, which looks like corrugated paper. One is white, and the other is a deep purple/brown. I have no idea what I will end up doing with these yarns, but they are amazing. They would make an interesting bag or household piece. I’ll add them to my small collection of Really Intriguing Yarns, and we’ll see what happens.

My wonderful niece the Big R has declared her desire to knit. We had so much fun playing with yarn, and getting all excited about the fibers and the colors that she must have caught knititis right there and then. She left Stitch DC with three balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in a bright cinnamon color and a pair of Addis. I had to catch my plane, but E taught her how to cast on, knit and purl, and I guess she’s working on a scarf by now.

All in all, I’d say it’s been a good week. I’m so relieved that my mom is doing better. I hope she keeps improving, even though we don’t yet know what’s next for her. More than one person has said I look like I’ve had a weight lifted from my shoulders, and they’re absolutely right. Good news works wonders, and so does having your mother’s arms around you.


I finally made it to the Post Office at the end of the week, and there it was — my eagerly-awaited Project Spectrum Postcard Swap envelope. Sydney sent me this sweet card. I just love it!

12 thoughts on “Progress, plans and a postcard

  1. What a packed entry. 🙂 Your clapotis is looking wonderful! All of your recent yarn acquisitions look lovely – looking forward to seeing what they become. 🙂 Glad to hear that your visit with your mom was nice & that she is doing better.


  2. Glad you liked the postcard. I had a lot of fun making it. Your yarns are so nice. It will be interesting to see how the Gear yarn knits up. It sounds like it was a good visit, especially since your mom is doing so much better.


  3. That’s a very cute card!!I’m glad to hear that your mom is doing better. That would definitely take a lot of weight off your shoulders but leave you tired…Thanks for all the yarn pictures – wow! You picked up some dreamy stuff.


  4. That’s wonderful news about your mom! I stocked up on some Claudia recently and have knit one pair of socks so far. Expect pretty wild pooling, but it’s still beautiful stuff!


  5. Good to hear your mother is improving. And Grand to hear that a new knitter gets to start out with something scrumptuous – Debbi Bliss for a first project – what could be sweeter.Lucky R.Glad you are back.


  6. I cannot wait to see the finished “caflootie” And you have to bring that corrigated yarn to the next circle k? I’m not surprised you finally hit the wall and needed to just knit on the couch. You have had a week and a half – and the stress and the relief of some stress after seeing your mom is really tiring too. (Believe me I remember that feeling) Take some time and just be good to you!!


  7. your sunshine and blue sky clapotis is looking awesome! isn’t it the funnest to get the the drop stitch row and ladder down with glee! well, maybe it’s just me, but I got a lot of 5 year old joy from it.Great Great yarn purchases, gorgeous colours and glad you had a good visit with your mum and that she’s doing better…


  8. Lots of things to comment on – the clapotis is yummy – maybe I’ll have to start one soon :-)so glad that your Mom is better, and yes, there’s nothing like a hug from Mom, is there.I LOVE that yarn.. my fav is the passion fruit. Such a grand color and great name as well. what will you be doing with this one???


  9. I’m so glad about your good news. And now to rest up and rebuild your energy. Take care gentle friend. Yes, you are sooo right about your mother’s arms around you. Sweet indeed. =0)I am of course jealous of the stash building but just wait til after easter. One more slip up and I am toast for the sockrafice.


  10. I love this card! I have been wanting to do something with my little bits of left over yarn. This is a great card. what a lucky swapee you were!And all that lovely yarn! wow


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