Sunrise, approximately

Little Plains Beach, 6:30 am
Finished Rainforest Jasper Socks!

Pattern: Basic sock, using Ann Budd’s formula, K2 P2 ribbing
Yarn: Socks that Rock Superwash Merino, light weight, Rockin’ Sock Club “Rainforest Jasper” colorway
Needles: 2.5 and 2.25 mm dpn’s, 8-8.5 spi
Comments: I love the colors, and I love the way the yarn does that little flash thing around the heel. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this yarn.

I’m about to start The Baking of The Shortcake for The Strawberry Shortcake, which will be one of the desserts at today’s Easter dinner at Judy’s house. There will be regular food, too, but I’m counting on the chocolate, myself.

Shortcake is one of my mom’s favorites, and she used to make a good one, so big and messy and luscious that it might topple. I hope my effort can do hers justice. Happy Easter, dear Gig!

Happy Easter, everyone! Happy Birthday, Niece L!

15 thoughts on “Sunrise, approximately

  1. Mmmm, strawberry shortcake. I miss it so, since I have to be largely wheat-free now….it was one of life’s best pleasures!


  2. yumm – strawberry shortcake and chocolate in whatever form – who needs anything else – sounds like heaven to me. You are definitely a morning person – are you cheerful too at that time? Sometimes I notice you are up and about about the time I am going to sleep.


  3. Hi Jane, I love your socks, the colours are just gorgeous. I just went and drooled over at the site of the yarn, thanks for the link.Enjoy the Strawberry Shortcake, and chocolate.


  4. Your rockin’ socks turned out great..those beach pictures get me every time.. just gorgeous Jane.. how totally clever of you to turn and shoot your footprints.. ever the artist.. YOU!I am guessing with views like that you might have been painting some more?? I hope you’ll show us some more of your art work 🙂 I just love it.


  5. Your socks look wonderful! I’m on sock #2 and hope to have them finished this weekend.I need to find some shoes for next fall/winter that will show off my socks.


  6. I need to get some of that exciting sock yarn, Jane. How will I get it into the house? Wait, the neighbor will take delivery for me. heeheeStrawberry season! What a gorgeous cake. Did you eat it all? :o} I would have.Beautiful beach photos. It does the heart good to see them. Thank you so much.


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