Honest, it was an accident

I didn’t mean to cast on…I was just trying to see if…I had a few minutes to spare while I was waiting for the dryer to finish…the needles were empty…the clapotis scarf has become the bane of my existence…oh, there’s just no excuse. The good thing is: there doesn’t have to be! This is Frog Tree Alpaca Handpaint, DK weight. The color is “Cactus Rose” and I am making a small Shoalwater shawl. At least that’s what it looks like so far. Who knows though, it being an accident and all…

Project Spectrum’s May color means that I wander around looking for green, which is fine because everything is getting greener and greener — even the mossy lawn at the bottom of my stairs! I love these noontime shadows.
I found some interesting textures on my beach walk. There’s a spot I like to visit between the ocean and a small bay that is usually closed by sand. Sometimes it’s open, and the water flows between the two. There was a little sandy river this morning, about three inches deep. I wonder if I can knit that? There’s a pattern for a pillow in Fiona Ellis’ Inspired Cable Knits that looks just like it. Hmmm…

5 thoughts on “Honest, it was an accident

  1. Wonderful photos today – your artist’s eye catches the most amazing sights. The new shawl is lovely – isn’t shoalwater the one that looks like that beach pic?? all wavy and sweet?Have the wisteria bloomed yet?


  2. Love your two latest photos. I bought Fiona’s book recently. It’s so inspiring. I wonder if I’ll ever be good enough to do one of those projects.


  3. Are you also bored with the Clapotis? I am so glad to hear that! I am afraid I will poke myself in the eye with my needle now, but I need to keep at it as it’s for a friend and needs to be finished by a deadline. I must stay away from other yarn to avoid accidental cast-ons…


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