All about the I’s

I’d forgotten all about Ina and Anne’s “I Is For” contest, until — what do you know — I found out that I’m a finalist! I’m tickled and proud to have posted one of their favorite I’s. Go on over to Anne’s and read all about it, then vote for your favorite of the four. Here we go:

  • Karlie of A Long Yarn All Wound Up
  • Minnie of A Dragon Mad Knitter
  • Vicki of Knitorious
  • And Me! (tee-hee!)

I’m having the best time ABC-ing my way through the year. I have plans for most of the letters, but a few of them have been — or will be — quite a challenge. The ABC-Along and Project Spectrum sure are making me look at my world in new and inspiring ways. I’ve begun to take my camera with me wherever I go, my knitting has become a riot of color, and I’m just, well, paying more attention. That makes me happy.

So enjoy the I’s, and cast your vote before Sunday night, and when you wake up tomorrow morning look around you for something you might not have noticed the day before. Maybe the sun slants through the window at a different angle these days, or the lilacs exploded while you were asleep, or the yarn you thought was blue turns out to have a lot of green in it. It’s the little things that make the day.

3 thoughts on “All about the I’s

  1. Oh, congrats!!I am enjoying the ABC-Along and PS for those exact reasons! And I’m looking forward to the Amazing Lace to push me out of my knitting comfort zone a bit.


  2. Woo hoo – you got my vote … and a plug on my blog!BTW – I’m at about the half way point on The Clap. I’ve decided to make the straight section longer. Should be interesting. I hope to post a progress photo this weekend.


  3. Wow, I didn’t know it was a contest! Lol. I’m happy to vote for you.What you have said about looking differently at everyday things reminds me of this Navajo blessing: “May you walk with Beauty all around you.”


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