Sunday ramble (apologies in advance)

Presenting…the Little Shoalwater Shawl! It’s been blocked and everything. How did that happen?

  • Pattern: Fiber Trends Shoalwater Shawl, by Evelyn Clark
  • Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca Handpaints DK, “Cactus Rose”
  • Needles: 6.5mm, US 10.5
  • Knitting time: started on May 7, restarted on May 15, and completed on May 20
  • Modifications: Because I didn’t have enough yarn to make the full shawl, I worked one and a half chart repeats. My little shawl is just right for a scarf, measuring 50″ across and 32″ deep.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I think I’ll admire it for a while before it’s time to tuck it away for the summer.

I just have to share this beautiful yarn — the latest skein from the Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock Club. I can’t wait to knit it up (the pattern is a very interesting departure for us stick-in-the-mud traditional sock knitters; it has a buttoned linen-stitch cuff!). There was a contest to choose a name for our mystery sock color, and the winner was “Fairgrounds.” I think it’s the perfect name! The folks at Blue Moon are making sure we have a lot of fun. The colors are a surprise until the packages arrive, there’s always a clue or two (or ten) to ponder on the ballband, the patterns are well-written, and the extra goodies have been fantastic. We’re having fun on the KAL blog, too!

What’s better than knitting a Mason-Dixon Dishrag on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Knitting two of them, of course! They’re a blast to make, simple as all get-out, and the almost instant gratification is this knitter’s dream. The one I’m working on now is the perfect way to add a shot of Project Spectrum Green to my day, too. I’m addicted, I’m afraid.
There’s one more Go-Along to mention — Erica of leetle knits had a great idea, which she pondered out loud over at the KR Forums. There was so much interest in her “Day in My Life” project that she started a blog and even made a cool button (see my sidebar). It’s all set to happen on Wednesday, June 7th.

Now that the shawl is finished, I can start the process of choosing my next new project. The Rockin’ Sock Club socks are a definite. I have just a few unfinished things hanging around the workbaskets, mostly socks, and there are a couple of “antique” projects that could be finished if I’d just give them a little of my time, but their whining isn’t loud enough to grab my attention yet. I’d like to do more lace, and I have some nice yarns in my stash. And I have quite a few skeins of gorgeous sock yarn that have been preening and posing in the basket. Their squeals are a bit much to take, so I think I’ll choose one soon!

6 thoughts on “Sunday ramble (apologies in advance)

  1. Your shawl is gorgeous!!!I’m looking away from the STR until I get my package – it’ll show up at work tomorrow…Thanks for the heads up about A Day in the Life – I’m in!


  2. Whoa- that’s one gorgeous shawl!! It seems like just yesterday that you cast it on..and those dishrags – hmmmm, seems I might have to try some too!


  3. Don’t you love the Mason-Dixon book?! I love your dishrags, I plan on making some soon too. Also thanks for the reference to the Day in the Life blog. Have a great Monday.


  4. I so love coming here and seeing all that you are doing. The shawl is so stunning. Wanted to grab it right off the monitor. Keep up the good, good work!


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