From the other side of the weekend

This was the view from the sidewalk outside the bookstore on Friday afternoon — the day the people rolled in along with the fog. The ocean is about a mile thataway, where the fog is coming from. I love it when I look up from the counter and see it rolling down Main Street. The rest of the holiday weekend has been sunny and warm and beautiful, but I haven’t had the chance to be out in it. I worked too hard all day Saturday, and rested and napped and knitted away most of today. That was my plan all along, and I’ve followed it very carefully!
Yes, that’s right, I am still knitting dishcloths, warshrags, or whatever you want to call them. They make me happy. And I can make one in the time it takes to watch a movie or wait through a laundry cycle (or both at once!). My knitting muse is appeased by choosing among the colors I have to work with, and my hands are kept busy while my mind is free to roam. When my brain hurts from thinking too much (“Do you have that new book called X? I’m sure it’s just called X, you know, the letter X.” In reality, it’s Academy X*, but who am I to disagree?), Mason-Dixon Dishrags are just my speed.

You know how skiiers and bobsledders and people like that (I think they are called athletes) take a mental run down the slopes or the course or whatever, before they leave the starting gate? They’re always shown on television, eyes closed, head down. I’m doing that with the Flower Basket shawl that I’m planning to knit with my Blue Moon Bambu yarn. I think they’ll work well together, and I might be nearly ready to cast on. Until I get these dishcloths out of my system, though, I don’t know…

*Note: If you are the author (or the mother of the author) of this book, and you have resorted to Googling yourself to find all references to it, do not leave me a comment or email asking me how it’s selling. I will not respond, no matter how cheerfully you ask. And please, get a grip.

6 thoughts on “From the other side of the weekend

  1. You mean the book with an on-sale date of two days from now? I bet if you waved the hardcover at them they would say, “Do you have it in paperback?” My least favorite question ever.


  2. You sure make our little village look pretty in all your pictures –and that fog was unbelievable – I went to KK shopping and you couldn’t see Mecox from the road it was so thick. And I spent lots of time there – it took 30 min to get from the diner to the the Coffee PlaceYou sure make pretty dishcloths too 😀


  3. I worked in a bookstore all through college. My favorite question was, “My friend has a favorite author; do you know who it is?” followed closely by, “I’m looking for a new book I heard about. It has ‘the’ in the title. Do you have it?”


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