Wet, just wet, with knitting

This is what it was like here today:We had almost three inches of rain. Puddles everywhere, and ponds on the roads. At least the rain washed away most of the remnants of our cankerworm invasion. They ate many of the trees in my neighborhood, though — the woods look bare.

The rain and dark skies made me cranky and wild-headed. There’s no telling what I’ll come up with when I post about my Day in My Life. It has been, let’s say, very interesting to be participating in this project on a less-than-good-mood day. I’m just warning you, is all.

Anyway, the Trekking sock began to get a little jumpy, just like me. If it hadn’t been for the great sock bag swap that Trek and I made, that sock might have up and left home on its own. No treks today, but a pretty new home calmed it down.

This is Annabelle, imitating me:

She understands my moods.

I did make some progress on my Rockin’ Sock Club Fairgrounds sock. Backwards progress, but at least I found out that the Rock and Weave pattern, though it looks very cool and interesting, is not for me. I ripped it back and cast on for a regular sock, with a little seed stitch cuff that reminds me of the linen stitch that looks fine on everyone else’s ankles. It looks perfect so far, but I’ll decide tomorrow, or after I have stopped climbing the walls.

4 thoughts on “Wet, just wet, with knitting

  1. oh dear – it was sucky weather – but I had a distraction with my sock class – too bad you didn’t just head over to the knitting circle in the afternoon it might have perked you up.


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