Sumer is icumen in

It’s summer!

“Just as the summer solstice is symbolic of agricultural growth, so is it symbolic of personal growth. It is a wonderful time to nurture your potential as you would nurture a tiny seedling and let your creative energy express itself fully.”
Daily Om

“Lagoon” handpainted cashmere and tussah yarn, 250 yards, all washed and dry, and light as a feather. What to knit, what to knit…

“Alina” handpainted merino yarn, 150 yards, also washed and fluffy as a lamb. Mmmmm, socks! Must spin more. Now.


It’s my day off, and I made the rounds of the places I needed to go, but where I wanted to be was here, at home. My little home, where Summer People never come, where there is no traffic, where I don’t risk being run over while I am in the crosswalk, for heaven’s sake. Here I’ll stay, then. It’s not as if I have nothing to do.

9 thoughts on “Sumer is icumen in

  1. Those are beautiful –I so want to feel them they look so soft. I hit King Kullen after Knitting Circle to pick up some things and am debating doing a BJ’s run tomorrow – then I won’t have to go into the crazies for awhile at least till after the 4th. And I can stay home and make socks socks and more socks…..


  2. That Lagoon is GORGEOUS! What to do indeed. I’d probably just carry it around with me and pet it every five minutes. But maybe your cat would be jealous?


  3. Your first quote/song title filled me with lovely memories–thanks so much! My mother used to sing that song and if you have ever seen Sarah Plain and Tall (A Hallmark movie, I know, cheesey!) she sings that song in the film, too! It makes me think of the prairie and knitting and relaxing and really loving your blog!


  4. Your spinning is divine! I happen to have two of those lavendar chairs here in my garden, (a place where tourists never invade) – if I mowed the lawn, wanna come sit and spin?


  5. Beautiful yarn:-)I have just started spinning with a spindle and plied my first ever yarn this week. Hopefully I will soon be able to spin something as lovely as yours!I know just what you mean about “Summer People” we have a lot of those over here too and you take your life in your hands everytime you try to cross the road ( epecially as we are so near the continent and they are used to driving on the other side of the road!)


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