Ahh, Sunday

Here’s the Lagoon scarf, all blocked (it really didn’t need much) and ready for the world. It’s soft and dreamy, and I wish I could be wearing it now!

All the specifics about the yarn and pattern are in an earlier post. I like this pattern so much that I want to make it again in a really different yarn, perhaps Manos, or something thick and cushy.

I had a little help with the blocking from Miss Annabelle herself. First, she spent a bit of quality time with her pot of catnip. Here she is protecting it from predators:
Next, stoned out of her mind exhausted from the effort, she came inside to take a nap. On the damp scarf, of course. No wonder there’s cat hair in everything I knit! She looks annoyed, but she’s really purring like crazy.
My Day With Cat wasn’t nearly as eventful as Amie’s, but it was plenty for me.

I had an itch to spin something, so I rummaged around in the stash and came up with this Targhee/Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere blend from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. It’s a lovely oatmeal color, a bit noily and textured, which I really like. After the Lagoon Experience, which was a lovely challenge, I can use this more easygoing, but just as interesting, wooly work. I have a 75-yard sample so far, and I have a total of 7 ounces of fiber. Plenty for something warm to wrap up in, I think.
I finished one of the Calla Lily socks and I’m working my way down the cuff of the second one. This yarn is my favorite sock yarn ever. Or so far. But that’s saying something, considering my infatuation with Socks That Rock. Really, Sundara’s yarn is so soft and the colors are so well-done that I don’t want to stop knitting these socks. In the meantime, I’ve been neglecting my STR Fairgrounds socks. They look good, but I don’t know if I like the medium weight yarn for socks for me. I’ll make up my mind one of these days.
Another work week is about to begin, and I barely made it through the last one. We sold books at a cocktail party for an author yesterday, and I’m still not over my brief encounter with the Beautiful People in their natural habitat. All those photos you see in shiny fashion and gossip magazines? You know, with everyone kissing and smiling and Being Seen? Yeah.

6 thoughts on “Ahh, Sunday

  1. Beautiful scarf. I am enjoying spinning and it IS so much about the process (of learning at this point). Your spinning looks great!


  2. Sweet Jane,What grand photos. Lovely scarf – lovely little kitty miss too!Sending you wishes for some good down time & some extra sleep.XOXO


  3. Gorgeous scarf!! I love the picture of your stoned kitty. Chaos is totally unable to resist lying on wet laundry or blocking knitting, too.


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