Weekend + Visitors = Happy Jane

I think I’ve got some of my Nice back! I spent the weekend with my niece R, one of the Chicago R’s. She’s been in New York City this month to do the Summer Intensive dance program at the Paul Taylor School. I’m so proud of her! R is a fabulous (and I mean fabulous) dancer, and a hard-working and dedicated student. She’s a sweetheart, too. And funny? How could I feel Not Nice with so much laughing going on? Anyway, she and two friends came for a short visit and a little break before the final week of their program.

The weather just wouldn’t cooperate with their beach plans, though. This was my Saturday Sky:

It was so windy! The surf was too wild — a tropical storm passed the end of Long Island on Friday — and this beach was closed for swimming. It was practically deserted at 4:00 in the afternoon. The girls went for a look anyway.

We had lunch at the Sip ‘n Soda, and a great dinner at a new Italian restaurant in Sag Harbor.Then we gabbed until Midnight, and the girls found places to sleep in my tiny studio apartment. I kept apologizing for the cramped accommodations, and all the cat hair, but we all managed pretty well. Everybody except Annabelle slept late this morning (she wouldn’t think of missing her early morning sip of milk), so we went out for a late breakfast at the diner in Southampton. Yes, it does seem as though we went from meal to meal, doesn’t it?

The beach was open this afternoon, so I dropped everyone off for a couple of hours before it was time for them to get ready to go back to the City. It rained on and off, but they were determined to go, and they had fun.

I had the best two days. Really. Thank you Sweet R, and your lovely friends C and S, too, for a special weekend! You are three absolutely amazing and inspiring young women.

There wasn’t much knitting this weekend, but there was knitting talk. R brought the Tangled Skein From Hell (Blue Moon Bambu, just like what I’m using for my FBS) and we spent a little while working on it (we got quite a few yards wound, too). Let’s just say there was a winding “incident” on a flight from Chicago to DC a while back… S is a knitter, too, and her mother and grandmother are knitters, so we had a good time talking about knitterly things. I cast on the latest Rockin’ Sock Club pattern late this afternoon, so there will be pictures soon. It’s a beautiful yarn this time, and the pattern for the Hippy Crunchy socks is fun and looks like it will be a pleasure to knit.


I learned enough from the comments to my last post to keep me sane for the rest of the summer! You are all amazing and inspiring, too. I’m a lucky woman.

  • Was that poem a universal parental weapon, or what? I thought I was the only one!
  • Yes, Summer People, Summer Not really applies to us out here.
  • Nice is work — it just is, no denying it.
  • My Nice level must be set on high — maybe I’ll lower it for the rest of the summer just to see what happens!
  • Kindness does go a long way, even when it seems futile. And you can always kill ’em with it!
  • Part of what I try to do in any situation is consider the source — whether that’s good or bad — and put myself in the other’s position if I can. Sometimes that’s just too frightening, though!
  • I do think that this has a lot to do with my age. I’m not willing to give up my peace of mind, or my sanity, or even my time any more. I’m learning to pick my battles better, and to turn and walk away when someone else’s insanity is too much for me.
  • Good thoughts and kind wishes make my life very sweet.

7 thoughts on “Weekend + Visitors = Happy Jane

  1. I can literally see the smile on your face today! 🙂 It sounds like it was a lovely weekend with the gals – a much needed recharge for you! 🙂 yay!


  2. I’m glad you had such a wonderful and restorative weekend!! If you have any spare nice from the weekend, can you pretty please send it my way?


  3. What a fun weekend! It sounds like it really helped.I’m making a trip to the PO today so your package should be in the mail today.


  4. Oooh – my son and I love the Sip N Soda! We spend some weeks in the winter every year house-sitting for my aunt out past Amagansett, and the SNS is always on the agenda.What a nice weekend it sounds like you had.


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