It’s hot here, too.

We’re in the middle of our first real heat wave of the summer, and though our temperatures are just hovering close to 100, it’s still awful. The air, if that’s what you can call it, is thick and soupy, and the breeze is anything but refreshing, and doesn’t do anything but move the sticky air around a little. Breathing is hard, thinking is harder. May as well stay home. There’s nothing to be done except complain and try to stay out of the worst of it.

The shoreline at Short Beach in Sag Harbor was empty this morning, except for this one gull. He stood there for so long that I began to wonder about him, but then he flew off into the thick air — slowly, it seemed. Everything seems slow today.

I’m comfortable at home, with my little window air conditioner and my icy tea and my windows that I covered with dark cloth since I have no blinds and all my windows face south. Though I feel a bit like Miss Havisham, shrouded as I am in the dim, strangely pink light of my “curtains,” I know that I’m lucky. I didn’t have to go to work today, where it’s hot no matter what the AC is doing, and unpacking books and hauling them around makes everybody weak and cranky.

I was so numbed by the heat yesterday that I unpacked the box containing the new Vogue Knitting, but I forgot to even glance at it! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. My mailbox contained the new Interweave Knits, though, so I’m happy.

My mailbox contained another, more exciting treat. Lisa of Knitting by the Sea was my fabulous Project Spectrum Postcard Pal for July. Look at the lovely purpleness she sent! I just love the card (and the “spare” card she included was the perfect purple pick-me-up for a friend who’s going through a rough time). Thanks, Lisa, and yours is almost on its way!

It’s August already? I’m behind in everything! Hold on — I have an ABC-Along O in mind, I’m almost ready to send my PSPostcard, I’m putting the finishing touches on my KSKS pal’s package, and think I’ll even be able to manage a Project Spectrum-themed project. Not too bad! All these things, and the knitting that started them, make every day sweet. Work can be bitter, hard, tiring, or whatever, as long as I have the knitting.

I’m making progress on the second Hippy Crunchy sock, but it’s slow going (those pesky yarnovers keep going AWOL!). I have a washcloth on the needles (or maybe two). I haven’t worked on my Flower Basket Shawl in a while, but that’s because I know that I don’t have the ability to concentrate on the pattern right now (if I can’t manage the yo’s on a little sock, I’m sure not going to try to work on a lace shawl!). None of my knitting has an expiration date, thank goodness!

7 thoughts on “It’s hot here, too.

  1. As we speak I am watching the rainstorm that is breaking our treacherous evil heatwave. It’s been approximately 100 + the usual humidity for several days now, and it’s just been unbearable. I assume the rain and the break in the heat should make it your way in another 24 hours, if you can survive that long. (At least, it usually seems like the east coast/NY area is about a day behind us in weather trends.)


  2. Sweet Jane,Yep, we here in Philly can totally relate to your post. It’s uck-o here too.Glad you had a day off w/ your AC & your icy tea – well deserved, my dear.XOXO


  3. Well, the heat broke here in Minneapolis yesterday – how long will that take to reach you?!The card you received is lovely! And it sounds like you have a lot of things planned for after the heat lets up a bit.


  4. I was just in Lloyd’s Neck this past weekend and lucked out because the weather hadn’t become unbearable yet. You can usually count on a sea breeze to make things better but not in this heat. Stay cool or as cool as you can 🙂


  5. Purple cures all problems. So glad someone had the presence of mind to mail you a big purple package that arrived just in the midst of the heat wave. I like thinking about you tucked away in your apartment, drinking tea and knitting. That’s perfect. The heat wave is supposed to break here in DC tomorrow. Can’t wait.


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