Not a random Wednesday

The weather was beautiful, breezes were wafting, Summer People were flitting here and there…

And hey, I almost forgot! I spent a few hours with a bunch of knitters and Ann and Kay! We lunched, we talked, we knitted, we saw some fantastic knitting, we talked, we listened to some great stories, and we had cake. Then we wandered off into the afternoon, filled with stories and inspiration (honest, I’m going to have to make one of those mitered square blankets).

Here are Ann and Kay, waiting while the crowd assembled. Knitting, of course.

The big room at the Southampton Historical Museum was filled with knitters, making the noise level something like a gazillion decibels. You know how knitters are. It was warm, but nobody fainted in the aisle. There was plenty of lemonade and iced tea to cool us off, and cookies, too.

In this next picture: Ann on the right, and Deborah on the left. Deborah came all the way from Annapolis, MD just to spend some knitting time with the Mason-Dixon Knitters. Well, she was also in town to visit her mother, but that’s a minor point.
In the back on the far right is Kathy, who is speaking to Rho. Sorry, women, but the picture I took of the two of you is best left unpublished. I must have set the camera to Blurry. It was wonderful to meet Kathy, since we live three towns apart but met only after stumbling across each other’s blog. And Rho kept my cool for me when I had a little freakout about the last-minute raffle. It all turned out fine — I didn’t really lose it, I was just frazzled — but having her there sure helped!

I love reading the Mason-Dixon blog. I love how Ann and Kay write, and I love how easily they seem to do it. I love their book for the same reasons. It’s got a great attitude, just like its authors.

They seem like they are women like you and me, who have put one foot in front of the other, made some choices, maybe some compromises, too. Now they’re doing something they love and sharing it with people who get that knitting is all about possibility. Creativity is all about possibility. Even Ballband Dishcloths are full of possibility.

These two lovely knitters stood up in the front of the room and marveled at what’s coming back to them as a result of what they sent out there, at the limitless creativity of everyone who’s inspired by the designs in their book. I wonder if they have any idea that they’ve started something? I think they have, you see.

Here’s Kay describing an improvent she’s made to the mitered square blanket design, while Ann might be about to say something about the crazy-many number of stitches in the border. I don’t think she’d say Kay is nuts to knit for what seems like ever around the edge of a blanket. That’s a lot of stitches, but knitters get it.

What else did I do today? I packed up my KSKS box! It’s finally ready to send off to my pal. I have pictures of what’s inside, but I’ll save them for another post.
I’ll be off now. There’s a Ballband Dishcloth waiting for a little more of my attention. This has been a wonderful Wednesday. I made some new friends, visited friends I haven’t seen in a while, and got to know a good friend even better.

10 thoughts on “Not a random Wednesday

  1. You weren’t really frazzled — you just needed someone to remind you to breath. And everything went great. You do know that I sent out blurry mind vibes when you were taking my picture – that little bit of my head you can see is plenty – thank you very much LOL


  2. Oh no! I didn’t warn you, I never, ever (well hardly ever) look good in photos. In real life I’m good! What a pleasure meeting the women behind the names. I was hesitant, what if I don’t like Jane & Rho? Rho & I didn’t get a lot of talk time, that will be rectified in the future I’m sure, but I’m so glad to have gotten to chat with you and actually touch and see your knitting!I had a wonderful day, I haven’t stopped yet to write about it, but I shall tonight!


  3. What fun and what a thoughtful post.Wish I could have been there to meet Ann and Kay and Rho too 🙂 Just put the finishing touches on three more Ball Bands myself. Love ’em! Have fun with yours.~Abi


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