R is for…

…why, a Rick Reeves spinning wheel, of course!

My apartment is so small, and this wheel is so big, that I had to haul it outside to get a decent picture.

I love the flyer. See that neat little curly hook there? That keeps the yarn on the right track. I love the bobbins. Each one of the four bobbins has a slightly different, and very beautiful, grain. I love the brass fittings. I love the three whorls, two of which attach to the bottom of the table when they’re not in use.

I love its many finials. Each wheel Mr. Reeves made has unique finials. He provided a spare one, just in case, you know, there’s a Finial Incident.

I love the wood, which is oak. It was lovingly, devotedly finished and cared for by my dear friend K. I love the way the wheel is joined, for its stability and beauty. I love the treadle, the way it feels under my foot, and the way the wheel never reverses. I love the little schhhussing sound the flyer makes as it spins, and it spins ever so fast if I want it to. I love the little finial-topped flyer hook, with its very own hole in the table, so it won’t get lost. I love the size and heft of this wheel, the way it sits on its solid legs. I love the way the wheel dips down into the bench, and the way the top of the footman has a sweet surprise of a curve.

K and I tried to remember when he got this wheel. We worked our way back to 1994 or 1995, and left it at that. After a while the light bulb went on, and we looked under the table. Of course, Mr. Reeves signed and dated his work. It was 1995.

I love this Rick Reeves 30-inch Split-Bench Single-Treadle Double-Drive Production Wheel. I’m honored to have it, and I promise to do right by it.

I’ll try to remember to write about the rest of my Maryland adventures. I have pictures. There has been little knitting going on, and no spinning (yet), but all that will change when I get a couple of deadlines out of the way.

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  1. Okay … put down the fiber.Slowly push up off the chair.Straighten your shoulders. Head high, now.Walk away from that wheel.Bet you’re having so much fun you haven’t had time to post. Congratulations.


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