Hardly an original idea

First, the hands: It’s all Sandy’s fault.
When a perfectly brilliant idea is put right in front of me, I pay attention. Fetching, from the Summer 2006 Knitty. For two Fabulous R’s. By Rhinebeck. Sure. This is a fun pattern to knit, and the Cashmerino is a knitting de-light. This first creamy pair is just off the needles, and needs a little wash ‘n set. Do these qualify as mittens, for the Warm Hands Knitalong? Sandy?

Then, the feet: I’ve made a good start on my next sock project, the one I’m taking on the road. It’s Fleece Artist in Indian Summer. The cuff stitch is Twin Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks — simple, stretchy, and perfectly suited to the yarn. And what a perfect color this is! I’ve been saving it just for this time of year.

And on to the week ahead:
Road trip! Sheep! Knitters!

7 thoughts on “Hardly an original idea

  1. Looks like you must have happy hands these days. I did Fetching a while back and loved it, though I will say it took me more than a ball, so I think I’ll do another pair on smaller needles. Hmm!


  2. Don’t you just LOVE the fetchings? (hmm.. fetchings as plural??) I love mine. I love yours! Yes, they count! :)Fleece artist. THAT is what I hope to buy at RHINEBECK! I’ll be wearing my fetchings. Look for me!:)


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