I fell back, but I’m up now

I don’t mind the Daylight Savings Time switch, but it always makes me feel a little out of sorts, and a bit surprised by the slight shift in the day. So, what’s up? Feels like ages since I wrote anything. I’m just busy. Work. It’s time for the holiday books to start rolling in, and the calendars (oh, the calendars…), and you know, work. The other day a customer called me a “fixture” at the bookstore. Was that a compliment?

I have been a busy knitter, though. This scarf has been percolating ever since I found the yarn at Rhinebeck, and since I saw a lovely shawl that used something like this diagonal stitch. I envision a wide, soft scarf to wrap up in…

The yarn is sort of fingering/sort of sportweight, and I’m knitting with pretty small needles. For a scarf that is almost 15 inches wide and that will be at least 60 inches long, that means a lot of knitting. Progress is slow but steady (like Turtle!) and very satisfying. It’s comforting, really. The yarn is a dream to work with. You can’t tell from the photo, but I wet and blocked the first 6 or 8 inches just to see how the stitch and the yarn would relax. They did, and the fabric drapes just the way I hoped it would.

Yarn: Brooks Farm Acero, no-name color 51
Pattern: Diagonal rib based on K5 P3, cobbled together from several stitch dictionaries
Needles: 3.5mm, US 4 (I just switched to my new Knit Picks needles, and I love them!)


Whenever I pick up this project I’m in Knitting Heaven. Here, the yarn planets are aligned, the rhythm is soothing, and the progress is satisfying. Even if I let the stitches get off by one or two and I have to go back, I like what I am doing. I plan to stay up here for a while.

Back here on Earth, I’m still happily circling my Indian Summer Socktober socks. Progress is a bit slow (see above), but this, too, is a very satisfying knit. I love Fleece Artist sock yarn. I love this Twin Rib stitch because it’s so simple and repetitive, but it packs a punch.

Yarn: Fleece Artist Merino in Indian Summer
Pattern: Twin Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks
Needles: 2.5 and 2.25 mm

All this knitting was temporarily interrupted this afternoon. When I found out that I won’t need new tires for another 5,000 miles, I went right up the road and invested in my future knitting pleasure. I love to watch TV while I knit. Once I get this TiVo thing figured out, I’ll never miss another episode of anything!

What’s next? The Knitter’s Review Retreat is just about a week away! There’s a Cat Bordhi workshop on Friday, and then there’s one with Teva Durham on Saturday, and the rest of the weekend will be spent visiting old friends (yippee!), meeting new ones, and knitting and spinning and laughing and well, just plain having fun. Rho and I are driving to Walker Valley together, which will be a hoot too. I have been waiting for this weekend ever since last year. Really, ever since I drove down off the mountain in Virginia, I’ve been marking time till now. It’s almost here.

Until I pack the car on thursday morning, though, there’s much to do. Work, for one. And choosing yarn and fiber and stuff to swap, and packing the Dulaan things and the clothes and the just-in-case needles and do-dads. There’s house-cleaning, and kisses for Annie, and laundry (always laundry). It’s easy to smile about it, isn’t it?

I think I’ll go see if I can record something, or two, or watch two things at once, or whatever it is that this contraption will do. At least I know that I can set it to record every time Clive Owen appears on television…

9 thoughts on “I fell back, but I’m up now

  1. Your Brooks farm scarf is lovely – and I’ve already mentioned a time or two before that those socks are divine.So glad you had fun at Rhinebeck – and it sounds like the fiber that found its way home with you was wonderful. How great that you met our friends from Carolina Homespun. Aren’t they sweet! I’ll be glad to sell you some more of that Chasing Rainbows fiber if you have the craving for it 🙂 (being the fiber enabler that I am…)


  2. Hi Jane ::waving wildly:: – I can’t wait to see your scarf AND you at the Retreat next week. I desperately need the time away.


  3. The scarf looks lovely. I’m still kicking myself that I never made it to the Brooks Farm building. I’ll just have to order some online, that’s all. I just love knitting projects like that, and I’m sure you’ll have a great feeling each time you wear the scarf! Hope you have a blast at the retreat! Sounds like fun. It took me 3 or 4 days to stop waking up at 5 in the morning…but I’m still crashing at 9. Hate the time change.


  4. While that picture makes the scarf look great — in no way does it do it justice — it is incredible. I guess I should have checked my looong list of unread blogs last night before I hit mark all read -because you were one of the ones I deleted – glad you said something. I can’t believe I am too tired to be super exicted about the trip I am only excited…. Give me a couple of days and I will be frantic though.


  5. tivo is great! we have dvr and we love it. now you will never miss house or any of your other favorite shows. plus fast-forwarding through commercials. i actually just watched last week’s grey’s. :)love you :*


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