I’m hoplessly, happily caught in a tilting tangle of Blue Faced Leicester.
I breathe, dream, live for this knitting. It is with me in spirit all through the day, even as I enter orders, or rearrange books, or help customers. If I’m smiling, it’s likely that I’m thinking of my Tilting Block Shawl.

It whispers to me, I know it does. It has a seductive voice, soft and low. I must knit in the morning, two rows before work. I never knit in the morning before work.

I must knit all evening, no matter what else needs to be done. One night last week (it was Tuesday, I think) I could not knit at all because I was too tired to do anything but sit.

I missed it, though, so I sat with the shawl in my lap.


Thanksgiving was lovely. Judy and I achieved Turkey Perfection. And Potato, and Stuffing, and Vegetable, and Dessert Perfection.

And we had fun, too. I’m so blessed to be a part of J’s family, to share not just the holidays but the daily life, too. When I can’t be in the middle of my own tribe, it’s nice to be able to be in the middle of hers.

Having to go to work the next day, and begin the holiday shopping season, wasn’t easy, but the weekend went well. The staff survived, we had almost all the right books, and the customers seemed happy. This next month will be awfully busy at the bookstore, but I should be used to it after all these years, shouldn’t I?

I have two wishes for everyone reading this:
First, that you had the best Thanksgiving ever; and
Second, that you, too, are in love with what’s on your knitting needles.

15 thoughts on “Tilt

  1. The turkey looks like the one we had tonight 😀 Our Thanksgiving was good and I did 2 hats for Dulaan. I figured Thanksgiving was a great day for charity knitting. Will the shawl be done for show and tell at Knit Fest??


  2. Oh what a wonderful wish for your knitting friends. Yes. To love what is on your needles. I love my KipFee, of couse, and I rather like the socks too – but it’s that sweater that consumes my attention. Thank goodness socks go swiftly. And after the holidays there is some lovely wool and silk regia to make lace socks for me. Sigh. YOur shawl is so beautiful I have come back twice to look at it.How I wish you lived closer. Much much love.


  3. What a lovely post Jane! The shawl is looking great – how wonderful that you are finding such joy in the act of knitting it! 🙂 Glad that you had a lovely Thanksgiving!


  4. It’s so nice to be in love! I’m busy flitting around from project to project, liking the socks, but in need of a “Big” project. Yet I put it off, I “should” be doing some gift knitting, so I don’t do anything else besides the socks. I am so looking forward to seeing you later this week! Thanks for the info. Hope to see the shawl!


  5. Beautiful shawl, Jane. I love the pattern. No wonder you are in love. Annabelle seems to like it too. I’m sure that just like a good book you can’t seem to put it down, yet you don’t really want to finish it either. True?I haven’t been able to knit for several days now due to a swollen, infected hand (one of my cats bit me) so I am missing finishing up my Fetchings and other projects.Enjoy your shawl!


  6. Thanks for your blessings, Jane! I don’t have knitting needles, but I love whatever it is right in front of me that illustrates my love of artistic expression, whether it’s my blog, or the drawings I compulsively make, or something I’m cooking, or even the way I pet my beloved dog. Thank you!


  7. As Bess said, I wish you were closer. I can so see us at your house or mine knitting (and laughing) along.I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was the usual family mayhem – wouldn’t trade it for the world!Smooches!!!!


  8. Thanks for the lovely wishes, Jane, and I wish them right back for you as well. That this whole season will be that way, contented and peaceful and joyful.


  9. Well, it’s a little late for my birthday, but I’ll take it…. 😀 GORGEOUS!!!!Aslan thanks Annabelle for the compliments, but is a one-woman cat. Trevor, however, wants to point out that he is also a hunk, and he gives hickeys.


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