Enough with the socks already?

Not at all! Socks are just so necessary. It’s cold out there, and a knitter needs warm feet. And a knitter also needs a little time on the playground, which is what having socks to knit is like sometimes. I have these three new yarns in my collection:

Yes, they are from Sundara. I’ve added a link in the sidebar to save myself a little time. I love handpainted yarns, love the stripes and the bold variations of yarns like Socks That Rock and Lorna’s Laces, and the more subtle but still colorful Fleece Artist and Koigu. But Sundara has begun to take color to new heights (or depths) with her Somewhat Solid yarns.

I am so infatuated with Sundara’s yarn that I sit at my computer on the afternoons she’s scheduled to post an update, just so I can be ready in case there’s a color I really have to have. Of course I don’t really need more sock yarn, but I do need the steady stream of inspiration that her colors provide.

I’ve been holding on to this red from the Petals Collection, waiting for the inspiration to knit with it. Having those three new colors must have done it, because late yesterday afternoon I found the right pattern (“Embossed Leaves” from IK Winter 05), cast on, and by the time I was tired of watching the Grammy Awards I’d completed this much of a cuff.

We’re expecting some real Winter weather here tomorrow and Wednesday. I am hoping for snow rather than the icy mix and mess that we might get. I like snow. Either way, Wednesday is my day off, so I’ll get to stay home and knit socks. Red socks, blue socks, purple or green — who knows?

:: :: ::

In the “In Case You Were Wondering” Department:

::The counter is still clear. I used it to stage a purge of my file cabinet yesterday. All that clear space came in handy!

::The Sock Hop yarn is still on the bobbin, though a certain four-footed someone decided to do a little carding or fluffing or rearranging of some of the fiber. “Just trying to help” is not a good excuse. What if she decides to go all Chaos and Mayhem on me and starts being “interested” in knitting?

13 thoughts on “Enough with the socks already?

  1. I love the solids! I did the Embossed Leaves with some variegated Lorna’s Laces, and while I do adore them, the pattern gets lost. I did the little twist in the toe, you’ll see what I mean when you get there and wasn’t sure that it was ok, but it works! Ah, to have new yarn and snow falling on your day off! That’s my idea of winter!


  2. Those are beautiful colors! The Embossed Leaves pattern look perfect for the red. It looks like we’re getting our winter weather as rain tomorrow. I could use some snow.


  3. No No NO — don’t bring the blue yarn Thursday — I don’t know if I could honestly contain myself – it is too too beautiful… sigh…


  4. that red Sundara yarn is fabulous-divine-inspiring ! and just perfect in the Embossed Leaves pattern.and your kitty decided to ‘enjoy’ the fiber??? oh no – must be taking lessons from mine!


  5. Oh. Beautiful. And hey! I’m not on the yarn fast anymore. I ought to go look that Sundara up.beautiful yarn for beautiful knitting


  6. Jane- One can never have enough hand knitted socks! I love the “somewhat solid” color and went to Sundara’s website. Looks like she’s sold all she has, I emailed her to see when she will have more.


  7. All the yarns are so luxurious, wow! And the cuff you knitted with the red? Wow! Honestly I can’t believe you can create something that intricate and beautiful with two needles and a long piece of string. WOW!!


  8. Gorgeous yarns! Sock yarn is like heroin, no? I have a gigantic bag of it and have no excuse to buy more, but it’s just so tempting!


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